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Watch Sizing Guide

While it鈥檚 geared to Vaer鈥檚 product line, I think it provides good general information on a key topic. Yes, I鈥檓 a Vaer customer that really likes thei...

Wrist Watch Sizing Guide 2024 - What Size is Best for Your Wrist? (36mm, 38mm, 39mm, 40mm, 42mm)


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commented on Here鈥檚 an unpopular opinion!!! I鈥檒l give you mine, you give me yours! DON鈥橳 be shy! 馃檲

Same here, and I have an irrational hatred of their Swiss flag positive/negative logo.

commented on Why Clocks Run Clockwise?

Love that guy and the explanation. This is pure gold trivia that I鈥檒l definitely be using. Thanks!

commented on Super bummed鈥o close, but no cigar

A blessing in disguise. Agreed that you can get what you really want if you wait a bit longer. Good luck!

commented on Which would you choose and why?

The Speedy. The Cartier just looks too fancy for me, even though I know its aviation roots as a tool watch, etc. Also, Roman numerals 馃憥馃徎

commented on Vintage Vibes Diver

Neat background story. Had no idea of the JLC inspiration behind their Tropic. Having a pre-owned shop makes a lot of sense

commented on Tudor Black Bay 54

Love mine

commented on This or that. Speedmaster or Chronomaster

I prefer the Zenith overall, but the 1/10 of a second bezel is even more useless than the tachymeter of the Speedy.

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Watches and Crosswords

We need more watch clues in the Crossword world!