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Hard to find love

I find it hard to love NATO straps. I know this probably relates back to horrible childhood experiences with rubber bands and quill pens but I can't w...
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The only one you need...?

What, for you, is the only watch you really need? Here is mine: the Citizen Promaster Tough, titanium. Otherwise known as the Ray Mears. A g-shock bus...
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A bit of colour

Some of the more colourful watches from my collection. Sadly, no marks for presentation or photography. You can't have everything.
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Munky1 commented on I love you, Seiko but I'm not that old yet...aren't I? ·

Given the South East Asian countries they are targeting, I would think that this is a cultural thing. I have spent time in these countries (but not the in Macau).  The liking of gold is clear and has a lot to do with status. 

Munky1 commented on Rubber straps - why has it taken me so long? ·

For me, rubber straps are the best. Watchgecko make some really good ones and have quite a range. 

I like both rubber ones and bracelets. I don't think I have any leather straps but I do have some canvas-type ones. Barton make a good range of those. Barton have a huge range of all sorts of straps and they are available on Amazon. 

Munky1 commented on Hard to find love ·

The quill pen issue is rooted deeply in my unconscious and therefore I cannot fully understand it but I am sure it changed everything. 

I have tried various ways of tying up a NATO but none do it for me. My plan is to stick to rubber ones and to bracelets. I might revisit NATOs again when I am older. 

Munky1 commented on If you had 6k to buy a watch for your 40s, what watch would it be? ·

As someone in their 70s, I would be very happy to be buying a watch for my 40s. 😉

Munky1 commented on What’s your Legacy piece? ·

Neither of my (adult) children get dewy eyed about my watches. My son wears a Smartwatch and my daughter uses her phone. 

I think, sometimes, that we have to look at our motives for thinking about a legacy item. Are we doing it for our kids or are we doing it for ourselves? My guess is the latter. Watches just don't have the clout for the present generation. 

Munky1 commented on A bit of colour ·

Nearly everything else is blue. 😉

Munky1 commented on Would you wear a Replica Watch? ·

I'm happy to have Steeldive homages in my watch collection. They are very far from 'crap' and offer me, as someone who will never be able to afford or want a Rolex or whatever, the chance to buy some beautiful watches.

I wouldn't want replicas or fakes as they are both illegal and really do try to pass themselves off as something else. Homage watches don't claim to be something they aren't, even though they are clearly influenced by other makers. 

It is odd how, every so often, China gets a beating. I guess that is a US feature, perhaps. It is especially odd, given that so many watches, Homage and others, make use of Chinese parts.

Nor should we forget that homage items appear in all sorts of categories of things. Paintings, TVs, computer programs, books, architecture (especially architecture) and so on.

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Munky1 ·

Tiffany blue

What colour strap goes well with a Tiffany blue dial?
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A good dress watch?

I was rather taken by this Avaner watch. It is described as a 'big faced military watch.' and I have no reason to doubt this. There must be plenty of...
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Watch strap, blue watch

If you were to buy a rubber strap, for everyday use, for a blue faced watch, what colour would you buy? If you wanted another one that was pretty brig...
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My new Longines watch

As I reported before, Mrs Munky was kind enough to buy me a watch for our golden wedding anniversary. The first attempt at buying was aborted as there...
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Time and tide

I never set the date or day on any of my watches, partly because I don't know how to do that on some models (think G-Shock Casioak). With others, I ju...
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Microbrand or established firm?

I have recently had some really unfortunate problems with a watch made by a microbrand. I have two questions: As a very general rule, would you favour...
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Advice sought on watch strap colour

I'm not completely sure about the bracelet on my new Nodus Avalon ll and think I might like to put a rubber strap on it. What colour can be recommende...
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