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NWA: Unexpected 90s Neon Swatch

Hi watchfam, so yesterday i checked the swatch website after a long time and thought, that i would be in the market for a new one. They are not expens...
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Rainbow Month 2023

It's June and that means everybody is now required to buy products from the companies with the most multicoloured logos. Sorry, I don't make the rules...
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Real Ethical Dilemma

I have a real ethical dilemma and would appreciate any input from the WC community. On a whim, I ordered the watch pictured above from AliExpress for...
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Help me identify the serial number for this swatch

Hi i need help identifying the serial number for this swatch
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Mission to the Moon

Love it or hate it? I love it despite swatch handling the release terribly, it being overpriced and QC is poor.
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Das zerlegen in einzelteilen
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Any love for Swatch here?

I believe this was from 1995(?), 90s for sure. Got this to remind myself of a time, growing up wearing a swatch my parents had bought me, having no cl...
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MoonSwatch 1st Impressions

I think this watch has been getting unfair backlash. It鈥檚 a sub $300 dollar watch. You can bring up what microbrands are doing for the same price if y...
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MoonSwatch: beautiful watch, terrible experience.

Hi everyone! I鈥檓 here to share my bittersweet experience with the MoonSwatch. I live in Brazil and a friend, who was travelling to the United States (...
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1986 Called鈥 I Answered

Story time. When I started 鈥渃ollecting鈥 (accumulating?) watches, I wondered how cool would it be to find my first watch? After months of on and off ag...
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