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Max ·

"Bang-for-your-buck" Brands | Watch Giveaway

Longines has been killing it lately with tasteful vintage inspired releases without heavy price hikes. This week's video looks at why Longines is winn...
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Bessio ·

Airport find

Found this at a Swatch kiosk in Cairo airport on my way back to the states! It's a 2005 Swatch Watch Side Effect. The dial dates 2004, but it was rele...
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harrisc852 ·

Plastic vs plastic

2 of the most hyped plastic watches up against each other: MoonSwatch vs CasiOak. Which one is your pick? https://www.fratellowatches.com/sunday-morni...
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Guvnor64 ·

Gifted Swatch?

I had a skeleton swatch when they first were a thing (around 1985?).I wore it in uniform as a young Police Officer in the London Metroplitan Police mu...
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Jeroemy ·

Omega X Swatch Thoughts

A Brilliant Example of Corporate Synergy at its peak or a huge brand positioning mistake? Omega & Swatch has been teasing this project for a littl...
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catfancy ·

Moon Swatch prices falling :)

I have noticed that sales and prices seem to be falling as time passes , this gives me hope and almost sparks my interest again.....
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Katimepieces ·

MoonSwatch eBay sales analysis

Hey watchcrunch family, I took a deep dive on data from over $1.5 million in MoonSwatch sales on eBay. I wrote up my analysis and conclusions at the l...

Houston, We Have MoonSwatch Data

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thiago ·

Omega and Swatch Collab (Photos ALL MODELS, Details and Price)

Tech Specs Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch Movement: Quartz Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph Case: 42mm; Bioceramic Dial: Various colors Stra...
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TomInJersey ·

MoonSwatch Observation

My wife and I went into NYC yesterday to see Daniel Craig in Macbeth on Broadway (which was excellent). But before the show, I naturally wanted to do...
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OldSnafu ·

Which one is the 2 dollar watch?

both of these quartz are just black plastic but one was $70.00 and the other around $2.00
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