Redundancy. Send help

So I am trying to reduce my collection to a stronger rotation. I had an impulse buying phase that needs to be dealt with.

I have come to a bit of a redundancy that needs fixing and your help.

I have a black dial Orient Kamasu and a black dial Islander Ameriquartz. One has to go. I have made a pros and cons list quickly and want to hear your views on what should be staying and going and why.

Kamasu pros: Great design, Great dimensions, Solid in house movement, Good lume, Great strapcode bracelets ( O and J styles)

Cons: Hate the small crown, Bezel is too stiff.

Islander pros: Solid design, Good lume, Cool American movement, Grab and go, Great bezel.

Cons: A bit too thick, Bracelet lacking micro adjustments ( I also have Islander branded O and J style for this one, too)

EDIT: I only have Orient, and I have another Islander Ameriquartz in the form of the PVD lume dial Bethpage Chronograph.

These are also the only dive watches I own.

*I am not counting my Sarb017 or Yema Superman as I think of those more as sports watches.

Keep the Islander and you can simply swap out the bracelet for one with micro adjust. That would limit it to only 1 con.

Edit: that being said, I think the orient is a better watch.

I would keep the Orient, I think it looks cooler than the Islander.

This comes down to personal preference. But as much as I like Islander, I鈥檇 probably keep the Orient.

I鈥檇 keep the Orient鈥 no bias whatsoever 馃ぃ


Keep the Orient, I can only speak from experience and never owned an Islander but my Kamasu has been flawless over the past year plus I鈥檝e owned it. I鈥檓 American and proud but having done consulting for Toyota there are always more quality control issues with their vehicles that don鈥檛 have a vin number that starts with the letter 鈥淛鈥 which means made in Japan. Sad but true. But you probably can鈥檛 lose with whichever you chose.


The bezel on the Islander looks a little thin and the date window really doesn't work for me. I'd keep the Orient.

I would keep the Islander.


Definitely Orient. But I鈥檓 biased.

Keep the orient 馃榾

Orient for sure.