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Auckland and Waihi Beach New Zealand

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KiwiSeiko ·

Another stunning Mid Winter day downunder New Zealand

Morning beach walk mid winter 6 degrees C have a great weekend
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KiwiSeiko ·

Vintage Seiko Diver Rescue Restoration Completed

Finally finished this restoration of this abandoned Seiko 7548. It had a few issues and missing parts but got everything tidied up and good for a dail...
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KiwiSeiko ·

Vintage Seiko Diver Rescue Restoration 7548

On the bench today this abandoned vintage Seiko diver quartz model 7548. Has suffered from the leaking battery in the past which has resulted in it be...
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KiwiSeiko commented on Drowned, with some battle damage ·

Good to see the current world champs playing like champions and the ABs still playing like chumps I think the coach and some players will be gone after next weekend. Take care the bearded wonder.

KiwiSeiko commented on Weekly Photo Theme #4: Sunrise & Sunset ·

That’s Mayor Island and the Local Maori name is Tuhua

KiwiSeiko commented on Weekly Photo Theme #4: Sunrise & Sunset ·

Forgot to get the Watch shot on the walk but did do the shot for wruw today 

KiwiSeiko commented on Weekly Photo Theme #4: Sunrise & Sunset ·

Morning walk downunder NZ mid winter cool but still pleasant 

KiwiSeiko commented on Drowned, with some battle damage ·

What I’ve found with the vintage Seiko’s is that they don’t like to be over oiled on the pallet fork if this happens the beat rate goes high with low amplitude what I do after oiling the exit pallet and spreading around the escape wheel I then remove and clean off the pallet and refit I’ve found it gives a great results on the timegrapher 

KiwiSeiko commented on Drowned, with some battle damage ·

Best to lose now before the World Cup next year. Big Brodie Retalic is out for 6 weeks after Irish fowl play. 🇳🇿🍺

KiwiSeiko commented on Vintage Seiko Diver Rescue Restoration Completed ·

The dial will never be perfect but luckily the minute ring covers most of the battery leak damage. Yes the dial side keyless works calendar is the same as the 6309 and parts interchangeable.

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KiwiSeiko ·

Vintage Seiko 7548-700B Restoration Completed

Full restoration of this lovely 1981 Pepsi Diver. The only issue with this one was the hands but they tidied up well enough to refit and keep all orig...
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KiwiSeiko ·

Vintage Seiko 7548-700B Pepsi Service Update

Service has gone well and will let the movement run overnight before finishing off the calendar works and fitting the dial and hands before recasing....
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KiwiSeiko ·

Morning Winter beach walk downunder NZ

Lovely winter beach walk downunder have a great weekend everyone
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KiwiSeiko ·

Vintage Seiko Diver 6309 Service Complete

Full service restoration completed on this lovely 1977 Diver. The only item changed was the crystal which was quite badly scratched up the replacement...
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KiwiSeiko ·

Service Update on Vintage Seiko Diver 6309 from 1977

Been waiting on a new mainspring and gasket set to arrive before starting the service. The mainspring arrived today so started the strip down clean an...
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KiwiSeiko ·

New Arrival on the bench Vintage 1981 Seiko 7548-700B

New arrival this lovely vintage 7548 with the less common blue dial with the Pepsi bezel. The Watch had been sitting unused for 15 years so I didn’t k...
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KiwiSeiko ·

Seiko SKX007 update Service Completed

Just finished a full service and gasket set change on this lovely SKX. Full strip down inspection clean re inspection rebuild oil and grease time up r...
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