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My watchmaking kit

More photos follow😅🙄


Started out in tinkering with watches within the last year. The quality of my kit varies. As a hobbyist, where does one draw the line budget wise. I b...

At home ultra sonic cleaners … any experience?

Howdy y’all, I am interested in getting an ultra sonic cleaner to clean my bracelets, cases (after disassembly), wife’s jewelry, and potentially movem...


Non jewelled pallet fork!

5 years anniversary, time to service?

Bought this watch to commemorate getting my first full time job. Paid for it with my first bonus. This has been my most worn watch and I don’t see it...

Watch servicing

After seeing a post about someone being unsure whether or not to buy a Rolex, I have a question. This applies to any expensive watch. Servicing interv...

How do you deal with rough metal edges?

I was wondering how do you take care of rough metal edges on your bracelets and watch cases? Are there any specific techniques or tools to smoothen th...

Ultrasonic cleaner

Got this battery operated ultrasonic cleaner from AliExpress for US$3.60 shipped and it’s a godsend! Used it to clean my vintage watch bracelets. 40/5...

Why Your Leather Straps Smell Bad? The Role of Lining Materials and the Best Choices for Watch Lovers

Leather straps are a popular choice for watch enthusiasts, as they can add a touch of class, elegance, and comfort to any timepiece. However, leather...

Why Your Leather Straps Smell Bad? The Role of Lining Materials and th

Adventures in Horology — Success!

Finally finished my first mechanical movement service, though it took a few tries. A few days ago it looked like this. Now I have an unremarkable 60-i...