Reward for hard work

So I have been on a weight lose and health journey. I have managed to loose over 100 LBS, and get my diabetes under much better control all while reducing amount and number of medications I need. I still have more to go but my wife and I agree I have reached a point a reward and reminder is in order. So I got a pair of watches, I have not set them yet. I got the set of Murph鈥檚 one in 42mm the other in 38mm to remind myself I may be of a different size now but I am still mostly the same.

Amazing story and wish you good health!

Congratulations! You, sir, are a badass. 馃嵒

(And those watches are gorgeous.)

Congratulations and good for you.

Congrats, keep it up

Outstanding and congratulations! Beautiful journey and I鈥檓 sending positive thoughts for you to achieve your final goal. Great watches as well.

Congratulations! As someone who lost their target weight of 80 pounds for the exact same reasons you did, I know how hard that journey can be. The good news my friend, is that it gets easier! Keep working and building those good habits, and keep us informed of your success!

Oh鈥 and keep rewarding yourself with awesome watches!

You sir, are a total badass! Cheers my friend!

Nice job, brother, keep it up! I've found that intermittent fasting (16/8) works great for me. But whatever you're doing seems to be working, good on ya! 馃


Congrats on an incredible achievement! This is when the phrase, 鈥渨ear your Hamilton in good health鈥 couldn鈥檛 be more fitting 馃鉂わ笍

Way. To. Go! Congrats on the watches too!

Good job! Back in 2012 I got very depressed due to my health issues. I weighted then over 80Kg, which is a LOT for someone who is 170cm tall and I almost fainted while driving to work in the morning. I was so tired that in evening the house could burn around me and I would not have found the energy to get up from the couch. This is what Diabetes will do to someone who's barely 50 years old.

Two years later I was still 170cm tall but my weight dropped by 27Kg and I was pretty much in the same shape that I used to be when I was in my 20's. The Diabete isn't gone or cured, but I'm fine as long as I keep away from the carbs. I also got rid of a hell of a lot of other health issues so I'm good.

I just never thought of buying myself a watch to reward myself. Maybe it's time to remediate this lapse of good judgment.


Murph and Smurph (small murph) great watches and congrats on the weight loss!

Congratulations on your journey.


That is inspiring! And you, sir, are a true gent in all of your contributions that I've read on here. Keep up the good work!

I'm tempted by that mini-Murph but find it hard to justify when I've already scratched the retro cathedral hands itch with this!


LOVE the Oris. Pointer dates are so cool to me..... to bad I had to learn of them when I got older and the eye sight is not as strong as when I was young :)