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Incoming SKX - 90s two-tone-tastic

Bought a 38mm midsize SKX006. Anyone have any experience with one of these?

"Manufacture", "homage", "Uhrwerk", "ébauche": common words used to dress up basic things

Every time I hear certain French and German watch-related words uttered in English as if they have some special mystic significance I cringe. Especial...

Who sold more quartz wristwatches in 1970, the first year of the "quartz crisis"?

250 votes ·

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commented on FlatteryCamp's WRUW ·


Nivada were all over the place with model names in their later years in the 70s. For example a model branded one year as "Antarctic Sea" is a simple anonymous "Automatic" a year later.

commented on Kevin O'Leary opinions about being a watch collector ·

Anyone who puts all their watches on a red strap has zero design/fashion sense and/or no curiosity for variety in watches.

Red is a highly dominant colour so limiting in terms of dial colour choices.

commented on nichtvondiesemjahrhundert's WRUW ·


Yes it's very 90s. I believe released in 1996. Serial number is either 1996 or 2006. I suspect 1996 as these SKXs were less popular than others and discontinued sooner though I don't know exactly when.

There's also the SKX001, SKX003 and SKX005 which 38mm too and have similar dials and bezels but aren't two tone.

No idea where it was made. Probably Southeast Asia somewhere like most inexpensive Seikos - I believe "Made in Japan" is just a label for certain markets' import requirements, not an indication that a watch is actually made in Japan.

commented on Two-tone watches: gaudy or perfect? ·

You can even get an SKX in two tone if that's your sort of thing.

commented on How to pronounce it? ·

If you're going to pronounce the "Glashütte" as in German, then the "Original" should be pronounced germanically too.

Or just anglicise both.

commented on nichtvondiesemjahrhundert's WRUW ·

It's a great watch. I have the blue and silver versions too.

commented on HoffmannVintage's WRUW ·

Love the comprehensive description on the dial!Especially "vacuum tested" very cool and retro.

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Funniest H. Moser watch

Which of Moser's many prank watches tickles you the most?
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NWA Skeleton G-Shock

GA-2140RX-7AER Clear Remix

NWA Turtle w/blue whale dial

An offer I couldn't refuse. Somewhat unusual for me, the fan of 34mm dress watches. Absolutely delighted with it. Seiko know how to make a dial.

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