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7.00” / 17.78 cm Wrist
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NWA: doing my part

Hey, it’s saving the ocean. It would be irresponsible NOT to buy this. Absolutely love it. I had been lurking on this online forever, and when I final...


My wife gave me my new Speedtimer yesterday as a gift for finishing my Masters. Perfect time to update the SOTC post for the start of 2024! Didn’t mak...

Yes, they got annoyed by my wrist shots.

Nice morning hike to Bisaro Cave, the deepest cave in Canada. Couldn’t wait to bring along this companion!

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commented on robstacam's WRUW ·

Thanks! Strap was $10 on Amazon 😅

commented on Bonding with my BB54 ·

Damn I swear that could have been on JB’s wrist in Dr. No!! Amazing shots

commented on "The Call" - How long did you wait!? ·

Waiting for the call just so I can tell them to pound salt because I’ve bought two or three better watches since I asked lol

commented on Rub a dub dub, please give this Omega a scrub ·

It’s not hers, but agreed. If you’re going to film it, give it a quick brush 😂

commented on The Willard v The Certina DS PH1000 ·

Great review and comparison! Thanks!

commented on my perfect 6 watch collection atm ·

6 watches is my perfect number for the “core” collection. One type of watch for basically any type of day/situation I find myself in.

I cover off this six watch core collection with my most thoughtful pieces, then am a sucker for impulse buying affordable watches that I enjoy mixing in.

commented on Seiko SPB143 vs Citizen Promaster Fujitsubo ·

Yeah, this. They are both so great, but I don’t prefer the Mercedes hand so that’s the differentiator for me.

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🚨NWA🚨 because why not?

Well everyone, I did it. I obtained the coolest g-shock in the world. This is an objective fact. I’m sorry to everyone who thought they had the cooles...

Updated SOTC

A few new additions since I last did this… I have 7 spots in other watch boxes/rolls. I already feel overwhelmed and that I have too many watches, so...

Tell me why I shouldn’t.


Fun little exercise

Filled some spare time today doing the pictured thought exercise… sorry for the poor picture quality. I broke out all of the categories of watches I c...

Zulu Time Rotor Noise

I’ve had my Longines Zulu Time for over three months now, and worn it about 50 times. I have never once noticed the rotor making a sound until this mo...

Detail Photos

After 11 long weeks, we finally received all 1,200 of our wedding photos; and these detail shots of my dad’s watch did not disappoint!