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Bites: Talking watch red flags and winning WC swag!

Hello Crunchers! For me, this week has mostly been about lusting over gorgeous watches that I will never buy, which is what I’ll talk about in this we...
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Weekly Photography Thread - Check out last weeks finalists and see the new theme for this week!

Thank you to @Fiatjeepdriver for kindly setting last weeks theme of 'Water' and for picking 4 finalists. He simply couldn't decide on an overall winne...
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Bites: Burnout, blowtorches and the secret lives of Crunchers

Happy Tuesday fellow Crunchers! Before we find out exactly what @Max is getting up to with that blow torch lets have a quick round up of some fun post...
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Deeperblue commented on Omeiga SeaMonster Concept ·

I would go with the Kraken, as that is obviously the coolest of all the sea monsters 👌

You need to do a 'Mermaid'. The Pirates of the Caribbean kind.

Deeperblue commented on What watch for black tuxedo event? ·

Ooo ... Tan would look class 👌

Deeperblue commented on What watch for black tuxedo event? ·

Either put the Omega on a black strap or wear the Hamilton 👌

Deeperblue commented on Rolex COPIES Depollier, Again ·

I love these history lessons 👏

Thank you for sharing.

Rolex has certainly been standing on the shoulders of giants 😏

Deeperblue commented on Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned... ·

Oooo... I can 100% imagine you rocking high edge fashion at work.


I love the design of some Gucci watches. As with all fashion brands, your paying a premium for the label and the design, not the materials. As long as you're ok with that then enjoy!

Deeperblue commented on Project Build a Camel Bonus Round - The Committee Strikes... ·

Good call to change! 👍

Deeperblue commented on The perils of vintage #381 ·

The thought of a beloved vintage watch breaking with no hope for repair is a very sad one.

I'm hoping to borrow @Strickos chap for a couple of my pieces. This will literally be my first time venturing into servicing 😬

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Weekly Photography Thread - Check out last weeks top pictures!

Thank you to @street.credor for lasts weeks theme of 'Definitely note junk!'. His runners up were.... @HotWatchChick69 @Darkoverlord @IanCognito @BigI...
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Bites: 3 secrets of the perfect watch collection and a new WatchCrunch feature!

Happy Tuesday again Crunchers! Lots of cool stuff going on in WC land this week for us to chat about over coffee today! @Bevelwerks has released his l...
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Weekly Photography Thread - Check out the choice pics from last week!

Thank you to last weeks judge @IanCognito for his great foodie theme and choosing our runners up and winner. Our runners up are... @tempus @TheSharper...
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Midlanders Meetup - Birmingham Watch Fair

It was so great to meet you all today 🍻 @Stricko @Watchwitch @Droptuned83 @Scooby WatchCrunch people are the best people! See you at the next one in a...
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Bites: My controversial take on the top 3 moments in watch history

Happy Tuesday fellow Crunchers! Thank you for joining me for our virtual coffee get-together this week. I hope the New Year is treating you kindly and...
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📷 Weekly photography thread: Guest judge @IanCognito

Thank you to everyone who joined in with last week's theme, 'Rest and Relaxation'. The winner will be in next Tuesday's newsletter, but here are some...
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Oh lord, not again 😂

Can you imagine the chaos if a MoonSwatch snoopy edition gets dropped? Would people have learned their lessons from last time and not pay the scalpers...
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