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Celebrating 15 years of marriage

I have been a one gal person and married my girlfriend from undergrad 15 years ago. Lately, I got her into appreciating automatic/mechanical watches....
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Loving the Presentation Box

Here is my latest acquisition - Frederique Constant Vintage Rally Healey . Though I am in honeymoon period of loving the watch, the presentation box w...
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Does it feel like a new watch when you change the strap

Can’t be buying new watches all the time so I try to change the straps and there you have it… a new watch.. Is it just me or my fellow crunchers feel...
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Half_Life commented on The Downside of Vintage ·

Move to Japan, enroll in watch making school, take internship at Seiko and then a job there, make your own parts and restore this beauty. Or spend more time on internet to find the watchmaker who can. 

Half_Life commented on What was the first watch brand that got you into watches? ·

It more of a journey that one watch that did it. 
Difficult to remember the model but it was a #casio that could store phone numbers. This was when there were no cell phones. Then it was my first quartz a #timex Expedition that my dad bought me before my exams.. still the most cherished watch..


And the one that got me into the rabbit hole of collecting was my first mechanical/automatic watch from #seiko 

Half_Life commented on Favorite Complication ·

Difficult to choose. In the picture below I have 2 chronographs, 2 GMTs, one world timer, one moon phase, one annual calendar and all of them have date complication.. 

Half_Life commented on Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 - a cautionary tale by a newbie ·

Thanks for sharing. My AD almost sold me this one but I wasn’t sold at the time. All reviews I saw were going on about how awesome this was and its heritage and history. No one mentioned that reading time on takes time on this piece.

Also, One day like to hear the virgin story.. 😝

Half_Life commented on The Box is full! - Putting the collection on hold😜 ·

You can always buy another box and start adding new pieces. November seems far away..😉

Half_Life commented on Weekly Watch Rotation ·

If I was this organized, I would be CEO of some organization. I choose the watches based on the day, clothes, mood, activity and sometimes to just show off. 

Half_Life commented on 2023 Acquisition Goals ·

I have a budget for 2 watches this year. Hopefully a #rolex explorer II or a GMT-master ii (if the AD allows it😏) and one green #omega seamaster. Already bought #seiko alpinist