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Wishing everyone a happy new year across the world

Tracking new year across the world with my Omega Seamaster Worldtimer. 2023 has been and very eventful year and I am grateful to everyone who has been...

Mistakes of 2023

At the end of 2022, I thought no more watches, I have enough and should get a new hobby.. one year later.. bought one watch every 2 months.. glad took...

Another favorite movie watch

Ever since the movie Interstellar came out, I wanted the pilot watch in my collection. Wasn’t sure if I wanted the exact same one but the movie did an...

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commented on SurferJohn's WRUW ·

This one is my favorite from your collection

commented on Do you do this? ·

Mostly no. Especially someone who may not know if it’s a expensive watch and May accidentally drop it. Have done that only at watch meetups under a closed environment.

commented on Another Diver Bites the Dust: Make a Donation, Win a Nodus Sector Deep Blue Orthodox ·

Donated to Sankara Eye Foundation that does free eye surgeries for poor in India.

commented on One of the best parts of working in a hospital is seeing everyone’s watches… ·

Most of the Director level and above are into watches at my hospital.. then there are some doctors.. they will have watches that most cannot afford.. fun experience almost creepy to stare at someone’s wrist.

commented on JLWatches's WRUW ·

I have to same feeling everytime I see my seaweed.. I have to keep it in a separate box to make sure I don’t pick it up every other day

commented on philip_mspt's WRUW ·

Love the matching of watch with wardrobe

commented on Been watching this one for some time ·

Of all the #grandseiko, this one is my favorite.. still on my list to buy

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Microbrand love

I am always facinated by microbrands, their passion, their love for exploring horological boundaries and hunger to carve out a place for themselves am...

Dropping a luxury watch

This weekend I was playing with straps on some of my fancy watches.. this morning I decided to wear my Moonphase Speedy. Was rushing out of the car an...

Arranging Watchbox - normal or another watch colllectors quirk?

Like all watch collectors, I too like to keep my priced possession (watches) in watchboxes. But I get bored looking at them so rearrange them every we...

#NWA: Another Seiko.. never.. but then…

Just when I thought I wasn’t going to buy another Seiko.. they come up with Alpinist GMT. In January 2023, I fell in love with Green Alpinist (SPB121)...

One watch for travel

Need help for choosing one watch for upcoming travel.. boring conference but in a different timezone.. Here are my choices
102 votes ·