Microbrand love

I am always facinated by microbrands, their passion, their love for exploring horological boundaries and hunger to carve out a place for themselves amongst the big wigs of watch industry. However, there are too many to choose from and at various price points. Some you only know through YouTube or some through online posts and some you personally meet during a watch event.

I was fortunate to attend the last Intersect event in Long Beach, California last weekend and got to meet some of the cool watch makers and watch enthusiasts who had gathered for only one thing - celebrating their love for watches.

I did like more than 5 watches that I would love to buy but then there is my ever decreasing bank balance and wife who said she is going to leave me if I buy one more watch..

So to test her threat, I went with #nodus. I had met them in San Diego meet up but was waiting for right design.

I went with black dial and bracelet design from #sector series.

Can鈥檛 comment of the quality yet since it鈥檚 the first day out of the box.


I've been pleasantly surprised by my Sector Deep. Crown manipulation has been, for lack of a better term, sublime.

And LOVE the legibility and lume.

Looking forward to your review.... You need to align that bezel asap so it doesn't trigger OCD, lol.

Thanks for coming to Intersect! Enjoy the Pilot DLC! Have one on my wrist right now too!