Latest donkey off the Gasworks bench...

Picked this rather sorry looking soul up off eBay a few weeks ago.


It's a Seiko 7005-8042 from 1974 and, as you can see, it had a very interesting 6 o'clock date due to broken dial feet. After a service, some nice new feet..


and a case refurb...


It's looking just a little happier (I binned the rather rubbish, non-original bracelet)...


and running very nicely...


It's always nice to see them looking happy again after years of neglect.

Until next time lovely people...


Excellent work sir!

Wow, looks great!

I love the term "binned" compared to our term "trashed" here in the States. Love it.

Now that's a nice one. Great job, as always!

Each one takes about 5 - 8 hours. Service takes about 2 - 3 hours. Then the case refurb can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours.

I usually fit a new crystal unless they can be saved. New gaskets. Often a new strap. Plus the cost of the oils, cleaning materials, etc

It's a labour of love. 馃槈

Great restoration job

How do you give the case a refurb? I have a couple of watches I'd like to try it out on


How do you give the case a refurb? I have a couple of watches I'd like to try it out on

With various grades of sandpaper, a dremel, polishing mops, various polishing compounds, a big dollop of patience and a little drop of experience. There's lots of bits on YT that give you a general idea.

I would practice on something that doesn't mean the world to you. It's easier to get wrong than it is to get right 馃槈

Maybe I'll do a video on it one day. 馃

I love how much care and attention you put into each and every one of these. True craftsmanship!

Stunning job Gareth. That Seiko looks stunning after your work.