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Oops, I did it again: Another new-to-me Tissot (Le Locle COSC - T0064083605700)

Welp. I couldn't help it. My third Tissot in a row. This one was born on August 2020, so it's fewer than 3 years old! From browsing the current listin...
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What is your favorite type of strap closure?

Select which of these is your favorite type of watch closure. If you like something different or unique, share it in the comments!
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Tissot V8 Swissmatic

I bought this Tissot used, but like new in the box with all the papers. It's a 42.5mm diameter case, with rose gold indices and hands. Lume on the min...
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NightWatch commented on Pulsar VJ33-X004 Quartz ·

I think you're on to something. The color of the first strap matches better (though a little too bold for me to pull off), the new strap works, though.

NightWatch commented on Pulsar VJ33-X004 Quartz ·

It matches my first car: A champagne colored Nissan Pulsar. 🙂

The bold strap certainly transforms it from an ordinary dress watch into something interesting.

NightWatch commented on New Nato ·

Very "Racey!" May I ask, what is the dashboard in the background attached to?

NightWatch commented on Seiko Alpinist SPB197 ·

Those really are striking!

NightWatch commented on Any Heuer Stopwatch fans? ·

On my Swiss stopwatch (not Heuer), the crown starts, stops, and starts up again from where it left off. The second pusher on the left resets.

I suppose you've tried everything, but does that second pusher restart the count from where it leaves off with resetting?

NightWatch commented on Pagani Design Alaska Project ·

That strap is fire!

NightWatch commented on Any Heuer Stopwatch fans? ·

That leaves me with so many questions, the main one being: how does that not ruin the dial? Fades away? Washes off? Strange!

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A New-to-Me Tissot PR100 Quartz

I found this Tissot and picked it up for a great price. Well loved and without box or papers. A fresh battery and a little buffing later and I'm super...
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(Photos) Anatomy of a Fake MoonSwatch (or, how I "accidently" broke the law)

When I purchased this genuine replica MoonSwatch homage for $19 shipped from China, I thought it was going to be sterile. Well, it wasn't. Looking clo...
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I admit it: I bought this Pagani Speedy homage to flip, but now I'm keeping it!

Picture it: March 20th, the first day of the AliExpress Sale. I'm scouring the site looking for amazing deals on watches, although nothing is really c...
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My 15yo son got his driver's permit today, so I gave him his first automatic watch.

Here in Minnesota, a person can get their driver's permit at 15. They must drive with a parent in the car for 50 hours before applying for their provi...
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Bracelet Search: Where can I find a reasonbly price steel bracelet for this Tissot V8 T-Sport?

Hello folks! I have recently purchased, for what I think is a good deal, the above watch. It's a Tissot V8 Swissmatic T-Sport. It can be found on Tiss...
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My New (Old Stock?) Watch from Legend by S.W.I.

This is an automatic watch by Legend. AKA "Swiss Legend" by the late Swiss Watch International (which, as I understand, is defunct now). The specs are...
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For lesser-known watch brands, which would you prefer BRANDED or STERILE? (Tandorio is just an example. Consider any brand).

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