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first bronze watch Boderry

I recently bought this watch. My first bronze watch. Here's my review of it... some caracteristics : 40mm diameter 20mm lug with 12, 5mm thickeness sc...
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Bronze bracelet ?

I recently bought a bronze watch from Boderry. But I not fan of the brown leather strap. I wonder if there is bronze after market bracelet. Do you kno...
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help for a futur purchase

Hi everyone, I have a tiny budget of 200€ for a next watch. I search an automatic watch under 40mm diameter. I tend to buy on the grey market so if yo...
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Robinwatch commented on Preliminary crown sketches. ·

I will follow your project. it could be interesting.

Robinwatch commented on A must have for Duro fans 👊🏼⌚️ ·
Robinwatch commented on Morbid question: What do you want done with your watches when you die? ·

as my body, I give these to the science 😅

Robinwatch commented on What’s going to be your next watch and why ·

I don't know exactly my next watche but it will not be a cheap one. I realised that I wear mostly the 2 or 3 most expensisves watches in my collection. So there will be no point to get a new cheap watch for not wearing it.

I precise that "expensive" for me is 500€ so it's all relative.

Robinwatch commented on Sell it all?? ·

considered the fact that you could not get a lot of money by selling them, you could give these watches to your friends. It is a way to feel that these watches are usefull. It will make you happy to give free presents to your friends and furthermore your former watches stay not so far from you, and in good hands.

Robinwatch commented on first bronze watch Boderry ·

I tend realy like the original patina (clean and shiny) but I also want to see how could be the futur patina.

Robinwatch commented on What are your thoughts on this racing inspired design? 🐼 🏁 ·

I don't know what to think of the watch but If you are from the brand I think it's cool to have your presence on this forum. 👍

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Resurrect a watch (replace mouvement) and need help :)

I want to resurrect a broke watch. I don't want to throw it away because this watch is from my grandfather. About the watch : It's a relatively modern...
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a poster about watches

I'm not a graffist or a designer but renctly I want to create a poster for my bedroom, a poster about watch of course. So I combine some of my favouri...
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It's hard to choose...

I have some money to spend (on watches of course). I hesitate between this two watche : a 1963 seagull 38mm (saphir) for 200€ on grey market or a aliexpress watch in bronze which I realy want to. this...
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Timex waterbury review

Which watch do you buy if you don't want to spend a lot of money ? of course there is a lot of good answer but Timex is one of the best. I recently bo...

Timex TW2V28500

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Enjoying advice friends about their watch purchase.

Recently a friend who's not into watches ask me to help him to chose a new watch. Finaly he choose to buy a Tissot supersport chrono (quartz). It's a...
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Is there any french watch enthousiastes on Watch Crunch ?

Hi everyone, I wonder if there is french people on this forum. everybody talk english so it's diffucult to know who people come from. obvioulsy if I a...
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DW vs Cluse

You have to choose between this to piece of sh**t (I'm sorry if you have one 😅)... DW or Cluse ?
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