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Pocket Rocket Refurb

A few weeks ago my good mate Craig @Guvnor64 sadly lost his Mum. There's a much longer story there but it's not mine to tell. The long and the short o...
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Another little donkey saved from the glue factory....

I've been working on quite a few bits and bobs recently. The one pictured above is from 1971 and has a quirky 7006 movement. There's a quick set date...
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Project Build a Camel - The Auction

So, at long last, we come to the point that, quite literally, some of us have been waiting for. After months of decisions and, in the case of the hand...
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Just when you thought it was safe.... go back in the water. So, I've been approached by @Aurelian who has kindly donated this little chap to the charity cause. Its current winging i...
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Which one next....

So, I picked these little chaps up on eBay last week and they're both in line for a day or two at the Gasworks spa. This one is a champagne dial 7019...
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Project Build a Camel - The journey is complete

Good morning all. Just a final update to this long running saga. This morning I donated the proceeds from the winning bid to Dementia Jersey. Thank yo...
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Another little donkey saved

So, when I picked this up off eBay it was feeling pretty sorry for itself. It had an incorrect stem/crown, an incorrect movement holder, a broken dial...
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Project Build a Camel Bonus Round - The Committee Strikes...

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... I'm just putting together the disparate parts of the WC Project Watch and it's clear there has been a decision that I think needs a review....
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Project Build a Camel - It Lives

So, after many weeks of polls to choose the parts and a rather hurried re-vote on the handset... we finally have the finished article. Here's all the...
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Law Abiding Citizen

It's been a while since I posted one of these refurb posts but this is a little Citizen Eagle 7 that I've been working on recently. I picked it up off...
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