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Oak & Oscar Humboldt GMT & Brand Review

Well Cruchers, the time has finally come for me to make a decent post again. Iโ€™m coming up on one year since my purchase of the Humboldt GMT in white...

Oak & Oscar Humboldt GMT

4.8 Avg. Score

New OceanKing!

Crunch fam! You local Monta fanboy checking in regarding the new OceanKing release that just went live for preorder today. What are yโ€™allโ€™s thoughts o...

Oris Cal. 400 Questions

Crunchers! I wanted to see/hear some of yโ€™allโ€™s thoughts on Orisโ€™ caliber 400 movement. Iโ€™ve been a longtime Oris fan and recently got to add one to m...

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commented on JLWatches's WRUW ยท

Dude you got that right! Life gets moving too fast man!

commented on TheHoroSexual's WRUW ยท

We l gotta work for something right!? Keep on collecting my friend!

commented on WabiSabiMaster's WRUW ยท

Iโ€™m a true man of my people my friend ๐Ÿ˜‚

commented on nawirby's WRUW ยท

Youโ€™re a better man than me to regulate the cal 400! Good for you! I did just regulate my Monta noble a couple days ago though! I miss my oris so muchโ€ฆ

commented on JLWatches's WRUW ยท

Thanks Dev! Same to you!

commented on JLWatches's WRUW ยท

Agreed! Stainless bezels are one of my favorite designs!!

commented on JLWatches's WRUW ยท

Thanks Nawir!! Every time I put it on wrist Iโ€™m reminded of how great it is. Such a comfortable wear and love to look at all of its details. Very well refined!

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Finally a Part of the Ownersโ€™ Club @ Oak & Oscar!

Hey all! My first official post here, and I thought what better way to kick it off than with a NWA!! Story and initial thoughts below. Looking forward...