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Omega 2254.50 Back From Service

On Saturday I picked up my 2254.50 from the Omega Service Center in NYC. I wanted to detail the entire process in case anyone was on the fence about g...

Any good Etsy Staps out there?

I’ve recently purchased this shell cordovan strap from StrapGeeks. The reviews seemed great for the price but I was wondering if anyone had any experi...

If you could only pick two…

The other day I had a thought. If I had to pick two watches, one “budget” watch and one more expensive watch from my collection which would I pick? I...

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Josh.Pau1 commented on NWA Omega Seamaster 2254.50 ·

Attached is a link to a previous post I made that details the parts needed to perform the mod for the clasp.

Josh.Pau1 commented on Omega 2254.50 Back From Service ·

Much appreciated!

Josh.Pau1 commented on Josh.Pau1's WRUW ·

Thank you!

Josh.Pau1 commented on What is your favourite watch to wear a canvas strap on? ·

I’ve been really digging divers on canvas straps as of late. Currently have this waxed canvas from RedRockStraps on my submariner.

Josh.Pau1 commented on Josh.Pau1's WRUW ·

Thank you! I was really impressed by their strap quality. It’s only been two days and it’s broken in really well that sometimes I forget it’s on my wrist. It seems very durable too.

Josh.Pau1 commented on Best Microbrand? ·

Man hahaha once you get that itch it’s almost impossible to get rid of it. I will say the one thing that deters people from getting any Lorier is the plexiglass crystal. Trust me when I say it’s almost a non issue. I used to wear that watch on patrol and it can definitely take a beating. They even include polywatch so you can buff out any scratches on your own but in my time having it I’ve only used the polywatch once.

It wears really well on the wrist as also, as long as you’re good with the 36mm size everything else has been updated from the series 2 minus the clasp but that’s a non issue anyway just don’t expect anything spectacular with that.

Josh.Pau1 commented on If you could only pick two… ·

That Doxa looks incredible!

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Rolex Submariner 14060m

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Omega Servicing

So I dropped off my SMP 2254.50 to be serviced at the Omega Boutique in NYC. I was given an estimated wait time of 6-8 months which I thought was a ve...

Tissot 35mm PRX Powermatic 80

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Seamaster in Jamaica

First vacation in so long and decided to take the Seamaster 2254.50 to enjoy the warm Jamaican waters.