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If I designed the Seiko Gundam - Seiko Samurai GMT Mod

Hi all, I finally got my hands on two things I've wanted for a while: a Samurai case and an NH34 Movement. I decided to take this opportunity to build...
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Off-Topic: Photos You're Proud Of!

I had fun guest judging @Deeperblue 's photography thread, and I thought it would be cool to have a thread to share more cool pictures! Comment your f...
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2 Truths and a Lie

Thank you @valleykilmers for passing the torch! I'm at work but I'll be doing my best to check answers. Okay here are mine: I am the oldest of my sibl...
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street.credor commented on Watch Crunch Photography Club + Weekly competition! ·

Getting two of the collab watches between Seiko and Evisen Skateboards motivated me to start hopping on the board more often. It's been quite a few years and I'm still out of practice, but I've been enjoying cruising around!

street.credor commented on Other brands that use Plexiglas? ·

Lorier is first that comes to mind for me!

street.credor commented on Traveling with your "good" watch? ·

Traveling usually involves walking, so I usually just bring whatever is comfortable when my wrist swells and either my Seiko Presage or Nomos!

street.credor commented on Citizen Series 8 review ·

Very cool! Love the retro-futuristic vibe! Looks like it would be the go-to for a Daft-Punk concert, while also being a good daily

street.credor commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 3: Horage Vs. Kurono Tokyo ·

That dial is a beaut! To me Horage falls in the same vein as Formex regarding my desire to own one. I'm a big fan of the brands, but their overall designs only align about 75-80% with my personal tastes. Following both closely, because if they release a model that's more up my alley I'll definitely start budgeting.

street.credor commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 3: Horage Vs. Kurono Tokyo ·

Best movements vs best dials; interesting match up!

street.credor commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 2: Monta Vs. Serica ·

Really hoping for Monta on this one, they make great watches! Sericas look cool, but are out-specced by homages for 1/4 of the price.

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Looking for alternatives to Nomos Sport Bracelet

Hi all, I'm a big fan of the Nomos sport bracelet, but not looking to pay $400 for one. Does anyone know of any similar bracelets that are a little mo...
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Lucky find! Antique Enamel Dial

A while back, I was sifting through a pile of antique dials to see if there was anything cool. For the most part, nothing too exciting. But then I fou...
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Strap Appreciation: Two Months with Artem Sailcloth & Formex Clasp

A couple months ago I swapped the case on one of my Seiko Mods to a 62mas homage case, and it brought my lug width down from 22mm to 20mm. A new strap...
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My favorite nylon strap store is closing up shop & having a closeout sale

I'm not affiliated in any way - I just like these straps and figured I'd share the link in case any of yall are looking to expand your strap collectio...
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Dial-Ruining Date Windows - A Rant

This is a thread for ranting about watches that you would like if they didn't have wonky date windows. For me, there are generally two ways a date win...
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SOTC (But in the dark)

Fruit of the Lume, except for two.
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First vintage - 1976 Bulova

Was recently gifted a vintage manual-wind Bulova, and I'm happy to report it still ticks! At 36mm, it's on the smaller end of the collection, but I re...
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