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What approach do you take to selling watches?

55 votes ·

Grand Seiko under $500 - Cool beans or Cold beans?

One fateful night a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a nice looking GS up for auction. I thought the highest bidder wasn't paying enough money for the w...

Ineichen Independent Auction Results 2023

Some very cool watches went up for auction today! I'm a little biased, but this Benzinger piece unique is my favorite of the bunch, with the fusee cha...

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commented on Credor Kuon GCLX999 Acquired. Love it!!! ·

Yeah that's a cool watch

commented on Whitesalmon's WRUW ·

Yup - #74 here! I also got a matching shirt lol

commented on Do you own a watch with an integrated bracelet? ·

Overall I'm generally not a fan of integrated bracelets...... But I'll admit I had to vote yes.

commented on Grand Seiko Snowflake Quartz vs Spring Drive ·

Quartz all the way. Honestly I find the dead accuracy of the ticking seconds on high end quartz just as interesting to watch as most mechanical movements, if not more.

Spring Drive is great, but I think the newer models with the power reserve on the back are better looking than the models with reserve on the front. The quartz option looks stunning all around

commented on Hublot is awesome, and the greatest words of wisdom I've ever heard with regard to watches... AKA, window shopping with @edge168n ·

My watches have objective value because they are tools, not accessories. I'm a tool, therefore every watch I have is a tool watch. Having many tools doesn't mean I'm buying frivolous luxuries, it means I live in a shed.

commented on Strap Appreciation: Two Months with Artem Sailcloth & Formex Clasp ·

Hello, sorry about the late response. I just measured and it's ~6mm between the centers of each hole

commented on Whitesalmon's WRUW ·

Lmao great picture! #074 here!

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