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Wristwatch Price Guide from 1984

Some of you may recall that I have been given a couple of vintage timegraphers. The same person also gave me this price guide from 1984. Its interesti...

Pagani Design PD-YS003

This particular model has been available for a couple of years now, but I decided to pull the trigger recently. It contains the now apparently discont...


New in today, the Pagani Design PD-1664 "Meteorite" dial quartz Chrono. I don't believe for 1 second that the dial is made from a piece of meteorite,...

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commented on Do you wear all your watches? ·

I own 10 watches. All of get some wrist time but there are 4 that are in constant rotation. None of them could be considered special in any way, and they're not worn for specific or special occasions. These are the watches I wear most often.

Phoibos Leviathan 40mm.


San Martin "Dune" dial


Sugess Chronograph


Pagani Design "Meteorite" Chronograph

commented on Alcadus Quantra ·

No. I think Baltany use the ST17 or ST19, but they've certainly produced a salmon dial watch that looks quite similar to the one above.

commented on Alcadus Quantra ·

The Hangzhou Watch Co has been making watches and movements since 1972. It is owned by the Chinese government. These Micro Rotor movements are known as the 5 Series.

commented on Alcadus Quantra ·

I was thinking of Baltany when I first saw these.

commented on How are people not embarrassed to wear rep watches? ·

What about if you wear a genuine submariner but use public transport? Or ride a pushbike? Is that acceptable?

commented on Nivada Grenchen Chronometer: Black vs. White Dial? ·

The Panda dial for me, so much cleaner to look at.

commented on What is "entry level" Rolex?! ·

for me, an entry level watch is a watch that a person can afford to buy in order to access a brand. I have no doubt that for some people $100,000 would be considered entry level. For others it would be a lot less.

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Ditawatch "Joker" Homage

An interesting homage of Konstantin Chaykins Joker Watch. I've never heard of Ditawatch before, but i see these homages on AliExpress all the time so...

Casio AL180 Homage

This interesting watch came my way today. A fully functioning Casio homage from 2016. It came alongside a Boxed Timex T80 Space Invaders watch, which...

Genuine antique or fake?

I came across this stunning watch this morning and thought I would ask our vintage experts for their opinions on it. As you can see from the pictures,...

Not stopped running.

I have a question for those far more knowledgeable than I, should I be concerned that my Phoibos is still running after 4 days sitting in my watch box...