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Alternatives to this Constellation Sedna?

Edit: alternative meaning similar aesthetic and colors, but for far less money My brother in law is not a watch guy, but he tried on this Constellatio...

Snoopy MoonSwatch?

Interesting 🧐 Ill probably buy one lol

Finnish or Swedish Watch Brands?

I have a buddy that is Finnish and really wants to buy a nice watch for himself that is made by either a Finnish or Swedish company. I showed him Nezu...

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commented on What’s a dead giveaway that you’re NOT dealing with a “watch person”? ·

Hey hey, this is a blessing in disguise

commented on Do you wear all your watches? ·


commented on Blued screws or no? ·

Is this the M01D?

commented on Fatherhood and heirlooms ·

This is why it’s important to have one favorite that you designate as the heirloom. The entire collection makes all of them less meaningful

commented on GadgetBeacon's WRUW ·

A gift from the Grand Seiko Wako Boutique in Ginza!

commented on San Martin beats Rolex?! What? ·

I think there’s an argument to be made from an engineering standpoint, but realistically mentioning Rolex in a video is very good for clicks and views so I think that plays the biggest factor here 😂

commented on To wear a watch looser or tighter? ·

If you can force it all the way around your wrist then it’s too loose for sure

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DHL Delivery Driver Called Me Out

My doorbell rings and the DHL driver is at my door asking for a signature. As I sign he says “man, you must have a pretty big watch collection huh?” G...

Finally got a rubber strap for my Seamaster GMT

You ever spend 20 minutes fighting with spring bars only to realize you put the strap on backwards? Me neither, totally didn’t happen. Anyway, I final...

Another chance for a Fifty Phantoms

I posted the other day about ordering my Fifty Phantoms and it looks like Spinnaker heard all your concerns and decided to release another color varia...

I stayed up until 3am for a watch

These limited releases are fun. Anyone else get in on this? I was lucky to get the one I wanted, this gray model sold out immediately. Edit: It was de...

Luxury Quartz, sacrilege?

I used to wonder why a brand like Omega would ever sell a Quartz movement but I have to be honest it’s refreshing to have a “pick up and go” luxury pi...