Snoopy MoonSwatch?

Interesting 馃 Ill probably buy one lol


Please. Take my money.

Damn it I鈥檓 in

Honestly, I'm surprised it's taken this long...

Yeah. I鈥檝e managed to avoid the hype until now but if they pull this off I鈥檓 a goner

I will need to buy at least 6 of them if I can get that many at one time.

Where do I queue up from??

I've still not got a Moonswatch. 馃 Could this be the one?

Snoopy with the paddles, here to bring the MoonSwatch back to life. 馃槀

Yes I鈥檓 in

Oh no!!! Please don't do it! Or I will have to buy it!! I don't want another moonswatch! 馃ぃ

So Omega was milking Speedmaster, Swatch will be milking Moonswatch

Not bad