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Gold metal gshock AKA bling master

This is by far my loudest piece. I usually wear it in the summer in and around pools.


White dial seamaster 300 currently at omega getting serviced

Casio oceanus

I deemed this watch my analog gshock

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commented on Grail watch achieved: Rolex Submariner 16610LV "Kermit"

Congrats! You can also wear white, gray and black clothing lol

commented on Oris Aquis Lake Bikal vs Seiko Propex Save the Ocean

Seiko texture dial for me. Giving me grand Seiko vibes 馃

commented on Movie watches

Speed master. I keep tossing around getting the Hamilton that McConaughey wore in interstellar

commented on Which Color for SMP 300M?

White for sure

commented on Should I replace my omega smp with a Tudor bb58?

From a technical aspect the seamaster is a better watch. But outside of that it comes down to taste. If your not feeling the seamaster anymore then let it go. No point in keeping a watch that doesn't make it on the wrist

commented on Bryan87's WRUW

Unless some crazy financial issues come up I won't. I will sell everything thing else though lol

commented on Bryan87's WRUW

Yes this one was under warranty but the AD I took it too told me servicing is $750 which usually covers most but it can go up from there. I just had to pay $54 for the shipping