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Omega rubber strap or whole other watch for same price?

I’m very lucky to call myself an Omega SMP 300 owner. Now the question is, would YOU buy the rubber strap for your current go to Omega watch, or spend the same amount of money on a different watch com...
249 votes ·

Weird branded goods 🥴

Saw this in a jewellers window recently…. I wonder if it’s a display model only and you have to join a wait list? 😂 I’m all for a t-shirt, pen, hat,...

She said yes! 💍⌚️

Good thing she said yes, because I’d already bought my engagement/wedding watch. I guess if she’d have said no, I could have also used the Omega SMP30...

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commented on What’s with Rolex - is it terminal? ·

I’ve been to this Rolex outlet. I tried on a Sub there. Staff were clearly very bored but were nice enough. I think the fact I was already wearing a Rolex probably helped them pay more attention to me.

But very quickly it became clear the staff had zero interest or understanding in the watches. They’d memoriesed a spec sheet, yes, but had no understanding of what any of it meant.

I can forgive them their bordum, they’ve got very little to show and nothing to sell, but a little knowledge and passion for their product would go a long way.

commented on What are your thoughts on Steinhart? ·

I bought an ocean one 42mm 9 years ago. Amazing bang for buck back then. You simply couldn’t get anything close to it. Genuinely felt like 90% Rolex for 10% of the price. But things have moved on. More and more microbrands producing far better products. I love my Steinhart, i would never discourage anyone getting one, but with the current price rises and no updates to the design at all, I find it hard to recommend them over the competition.

commented on NWA- Tudor Pelagos 39 ·

I found the edges of the clasp and bracelet on my Omega SMP300M so sharp and uncomfortable I nearly returned it. But, after a few weeks of wearing it all day every day, I got used to it and now it’s not an issue at all. I’m sure after wearing your Tudor for a while, you’ll adjust to it too.

Also, the SMP has a stupidly long clasp, just like your P39, I ordered an extra half link to allow more articulation around the end where the divers extension is. This definitely made the world of difference.

Love the P39, definitely on my wish list. Enjoy!

commented on When you buy a new watch do you think of it in terms of... ·

I always think

“if I were to buy this watch and never buy another watch again for the rest of my life, would this satisfy me, could this be my only watch?”

Stops me from impulse buying and pulling the trigger too quick. 😂

commented on JamesTil6569's WRUW ·


Here’s my review.

Summary, 3 out of 5. Few little issues, but once they are sorted it’s pretty good. Harder wearing than I thought. Comfortable. Case is larger, so buttons are a little harder to press. Feels ok. Looks amazing.

commented on Anyone have experience with Steinhart Mods company on Gnomon?? ·

I was never a fan of the ghosted effect of the markings on the original, so swapped it for the engraved ceramic version with the raised lume pip.

You can get the GMT version with lumed marking that looks quite nice.

commented on Anyone have experience with Steinhart Mods company on Gnomon?? ·



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