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NWA🚨 should you have a watch that reflects your personality and heritage?🇱🇧

Special thank you to @drcarter13 for sharing his post with this beautiful seiko 5 watch with Arabic numerals, while I'm still new to watch collecting...

It was a seiko valentine's day ❤

While stuffing my amazon cart full of gifts for my better half I came across this seiko 5 "landshark" and after some quick reading and learning this w...

Another day another dollar

Spent my Saturday morning cleaning the lot at work and turning in scrap, prices were good and payout was OK but due to Valentines day and more high pr...

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commented on drcarter13's WRUW ·

Love the vintage style and lume, beautiful watch all the way around

commented on I never knew Zippo made watches lol. I would actually wear this ·

Lol different I like it

commented on Wow never seen this before. It's a Vintage 1961 Seiko 21-7510 with a URUSHI painting case, Kimono corset made in Japan. ·

Don't see that very often I love it

commented on Found my home plate ·

Can't go wrong with tudor

commented on SNK803 Anyone with this beauty in collection ? ·

True classic

commented on OnurAyan's WRUW ·

Love this watch, it's a shame they're discontinued

commented on drcarter13's WRUW ·

Good stuff looking forward to more, chronographs are my favorite

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Decisions, Decisions 🤔

Stopped by accountant's the other day to deliver my tax info and wait for my refund, while most of what I receive will be put into savings my biggest...

Make room for more!

One reason I got in to watch collecting was because I literally ran out of room for my other collection haha, so that's what helped me enter this hobb...

It's cheaper to keep'er

Forget wasting money on stupidly expensive overpriced new cars find a gently used gem and invest in it, for $100 I changed my oil and transmission flu...

First watch of 24

My first purchase of 2024 and I couldn't be happier, I wanted to add at least one "coke" bezel to my collection and glycine was a brand I had heard mu...

Icy blue dial for an icy cold week ahead

Winter is in full swing In my region with a cold week ahead so I thought I would pick a watch to welcome the cold weather as well as get my minivan pr...

First real snow

Had the first good snow in my neck of the woods, wasn't a whole lot but enough to have to fun and enjoy the weekend