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Archieluxury is handsome. 🤩

So a month ago Arichieluxury posted a video asking for more paid reviews. So I decided to give it a try🎯 I sent him my SOTC photo, and an email. In t...

ABCs book for watches 😂

Just saw this Facebook ad. Decided to share them here. This would be helpful for anyone with small kids. 😁 I won’t be able to collect the “R” anytime...

Omega teasing us. Could this be the Moonwatch in white?

What do you guys think? Are we finally getting the White version? Or Panda version? 🐼

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commented on BadgeHoarder's WRUW ·

I’m pretty sure Sea-Gull came up with this first. The Swiss watchmaker copied Sea-Gull this time.

commented on WabiSabiMaster's WRUW ·

Happy whimsical wednesday

commented on BadgeHoarder's WRUW ·

I'm watching Maury

commented on Scubamead's WRUW ·

Wow that strap is mindblowing~

commented on Dev9000's WRUW ·

Looking great as is.

If I had to change the strap, I'd try a yellow rubber strap:

commented on ChiefIlliniwek's WRUW ·

Fantastic dial

commented on Johns997.1's WRUW ·

O wow, a Samurai dial except the hands are like Zweihander swords.

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This YouTube guy crossed the line

Last week, YouTube started recommending this guy to me. I watched a couple of videos by him, nothing special. However, he said some really mean things...

Beware of fakes!😱 eBay doesn’t believe me

I found a counterfeit watch on e-bay. It’s a pretty bad fake. Notice the crown guards and the date window. Then I saw that there is 1 bidder!!! Oh no,...

Thank you WatchCrunch!

Last year I went to China to take some wristshots for WRUW. Then I posted the photos on Google Maps. Now I got 1.2 million photo views. I GUESS IM FAM...

Apple Vision Pro: What would you get instead?

Not many crunchers are a fan of the Apple Vision Pro. What would you get instead for $3499 USD? ------------------- This is how my life is going to be...

My Divine Size Comparison guide: Rectangular vs Circular vs Tourneau

When I compare the size between a rectangular watch and a circular watch. I use the area (mm square) to compare their size. It works really well. For...