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New Straps Alert from Crown & Buckle

Got these from the mail today since I ordered from Crown & Buckle on X-mas eve. My second purchase from them (The first being the Chevron - Titani...

2023 SOTC

Humble state of my collection for 2023. Boring and mainstream, brands that are easy to find at malls. Generic movements, nothing exotic, no long wait...

Final NWA for 2023 - The Tudor Marine Narionale M.N.23 Pelagos FXD ref. M25707B/23-0001

Modern homage to the Tudor Submariner 9401 "MilSub" MN. On my long year-end break, walking around the mall with my wife and came across this new Tudor...

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commented on JaeBust's WRUW ·

Awesome Seiko!!! 😎

commented on Who here counts TUDOR as one of their favorite watch ?? brands? ·

For me as well. Currently have the BB58 and the FXD. Thinking of adding the BB36. Cheers.

commented on lejacqueshot's WRUW ·

Thanks buddy. Targeting to get it by year-end.

They have the 39 and 41 though.

On another note, Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family, have a good weekend.

commented on lejacqueshot's WRUW ·

Not pictured here, the Mark XX would be my pick.

The big pilot is way over my comfortable budget range 🥶.

commented on RainMan's WRUW ·

Woh.. The SLA & GS, great combo punch for Saturday.

commented on lejacqueshot's WRUW ·

Thanks Man, have a great day.

commented on lejacqueshot's WRUW ·

The GMW-B5000G-2. Originally came with the resin band, metallic blue keeper and black buckle.

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SOTC Part 4

My one and only Tudor (not anymore), the Black Bay 58 "Navy Blue" ref. M79030B. Just showing the different shades of blue under different lighting con...

Journey to Consolidation - Chapter 6

The golden age of Seiko, they had the best value for money watches. The beginner's gateway to mechanical watches before the rise of Chinese branded wa...

Journey to Consolidation - Chapter 5

Casio Digital "God Tier" F91WG-9Q Casio Vintage "Calculator Watch" CA-53WF-2B Casio Vintage "Alien" A100WEGG-1A2 Casio Fishing Gear AQW101-1D-1AVDR So...

Journey to Consolidation - Chapter 4

Casio G-Shock "Origin" - Square series. Started with the DW-5600MS-1, my first ever G-Shock which I bought in 2014. The battery and the original resin...

Journey to Consolidation - Chapter 3

Casio G-Shock 2100 series (CasiOak) Missed the initial Casioak hype when the original Black GA-2100 was first release. They were trading above retail...