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My Rolex Journey

Today I would like to share with you my Rolex watches in the collection. I have experienced two different models so far and both are still in my colle...

My Omega Journey

Yesterday I have posted my Longines journey and today I thought to share my Omega story. Total of Omegas I owned: 5 Currently in the Collection: 0 How...

My Longines Journey - Past & Present

Here is a story about my Longines watches that I have owned so far. The last two are still in my collection. Watches Total: 5 Currently in the Collect...

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commented on I would like to hear your opinion. Do brands matter? ·

Yes 100%

commented on First watch of my collection ·

Congratulations beautiful piece!

commented on Longines 37mm ·

I pulled the trigger on this beautiful newly released Conquest in 38mm with a gorgeous champagne dial. Could be an alternative.


I have a second Longines in 38mm in my collection which is the Longines Saint Imier. A watch which is discontinued but you can find good deals in Japan used market.

commented on Thoughts? New $130 Oak-style Casio in 17 colors/versions including "Tiffany" blue 😮 ·

Really great watches. I have the green version:


Used the have the black version from their first releases. But somehow these new releases in green /blue etc feel even more robust and the dial is spectacular:

commented on Arrived yesterday ·

They are offering them in a lot of great color variations. Here is my choice:


Also because I have two watches in light blue/turquoise color that I strongly recommend:

Casio MTP1302 (I have changed the bracelet to an Aliexpress Jubilee):


And the lovely Certina DS 7 which has a sunburst dial and a more green/blue dial:

commented on Do you find it difficult to sell some watches? ·

The lower the RSP of a watch the harder you can sell it. I prefer used watches as in most of the cases you can sell them to almost the same price. From new to used is a different drop than from used to used. Nobody asks you normally about how many owners a watch had before.

commented on My Longines Journey - Past & Present ·

Definitely a big yes would recommend this to everybody

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