Suggestions On Colorful Watches Please!

Hello from Tampa, Florida, USA Crunchers! Okay, I need some suggestions:

If you are familiar with my collection, you know that I do not have any watches that have colorful dials (unless you count the Citizen Promaster with the full lume dial as colorful) but anyway, I have been looking at the 2 watches that I have attached above. The Greenport from Long Island Watches with the Sunburst Blue Dial and the 1963 Sugess Seagull in the color scheme pictured above. I would have to put another strap on it because I am not too keen on the brown color.

So, my fellow chronological nerds, what watches with a colorful dial would you recommend? As you can see by the price of the 2 watches here, anything below $500 is fine.

Have at it in the comments. Looking forward to all of your suggestions 馃榾


Look at the #phoibos catalog

I own two of their models (got from Marc at Long Island Watch), and their build quality is very good for the price point.

I like the Islander watch but for chrono I would go with the Brew Metric Retro Dial, the Seagull isn鈥檛 an original design


#brew #islander

Love the Greenport!! Very cool design at s very attractive price. I'd say go for that if you're interested.

If you're not afraid of AliEpxress, I'd also recommend the San Martin GMT with the Lapis Lazuli dial (SN0129G - B). It's gorgeous!

(not my pic, btw)


The proxima PX1717 comes in avacado and watermelon. And has an open case back which shows the interesting the seagull movement.

You know you like chrono's 馃槣

Colorful watches are fun. I don't know about your personal preferences but personally I would lean toward the Watermel0n (Gen2) from Studio Underd0g.


I have my eyes on a Marloe. Seeking my summer watch. 馃槑


Anything Farer makes ;)


You know you like chrono's 馃槣

Yes I do. I love busy bezels and busy faces too馃槀馃槣


My 36mm Nomos Club Campus in future orange 馃崐 馃敟馃憣

I've just read your poat properly, so the Nomos maybe out of your ideal price point at the moment, but it's a cracking hand wound movement with a beautiful bright dial! 馃尀