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Twin watches

Long time ago I suggests the Phoibos Wavemaster to a coworker and since I’m a rubber strap guy he find my combo very nice. Today is the first time we...

Review - Namica Shirahama Neo Tokyo

Hello Crunchers here’s my first review of my last purchase the Namica Shirahama edition Neo Tokyo. Let’s begin with some specs: 40mm case 47mm lug tu...

Namica Shirahama Neo Tokyo

4.2 Avg. Score

Funny Tuesday

Zoom the photo and enjoy

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commented on Zelos Aurora Mosaic MOP vs Boldr Venture Green Star ·

A few lollll

commented on Zelos Aurora Mosaic MOP vs Boldr Venture Green Star ·

Zelos for me. As all Zelos it’s probably numbered so better value if you ever want to resell. Dial in this one is just next level. Boldr isn’t a bad choice at all, the color is stunning. You will be fine with either

commented on Jokerz32's WRUW ·

Thanks mate, please repost a picture when the cherry blossoms grows

commented on New watch box ·

I have the same and I love it

commented on stonehead887's WRUW ·

This original Great Wall is so much beautiful 😍. Chunky but I still love it over the new version. Those are very hard to find now. Congrats mate!

commented on yankthemike's WRUW ·
commented on Macro shot of Baltic Hermetique ·

I love Baltic, classic design but a touch of modern at the same time. This color is stunning. Awesome watch my friend, congrats and enjoy!

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SOTC - 2024

Hello beautiful Crunchers community. Here’s my SOTC for early 2024. There was a lot of changes / acquisitions in the recent months so it was time for...


Is there a better feeling? Now the long wait begin!!

MMWW - March Most Worn Watch

Hello Crunchers, what was your March most worn watch #mmww ? For me I try to change as much as I can but a few trip for couples of days make my RZE Re...

Crown position

What crown position do you prefer
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Watch and concert

What watch will you were at concert? Needed something dark to see Pantera for the first time!! Bring me back to the 90’

Strap option

Hello Crunch community, I would like to know which strap option look better on my bronze flieger?
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