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Suggestions on a (dark) gray dial dress watch

Sup Crunchers! As the title says. I figure this color will go better with my suits than my blue and white dial dress watches (especially my burgundy s...

Two unexpected purchases (thanks Ebay :/)

So, I was perusing Ebay and saw this Spinnaker X Islander essentially brand new at a low price, so I went for it. I don't have many white dial watches...

Anyone rocking a bronze watch?

I only have one; my San Martin Retro Diver in bronze. I really love the color scheme and finishing. I feel this is easily one of SMs best watches. I'v...

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commented on In love with my 45GS

pure class!!!!

commented on Best affordable GMT watch?

The Nodus Sector GMT is always worth considering.

commented on And now... We wait

I ended up ordering the fume blue helix on jubilee. I really wanted a standard blue fume dial.... we'll see how it looks in person. I can always sell it if I'm not happy with it

commented on Seiko SPB143

that's about as good as it gets

commented on BlackBay 41mm Review - On the wrist

nicest color combination of any BB. The black, glit, and the red just work perfectly.

commented on Suggestions on a (dark) gray dial dress watch

I think I may have found it! The Hamilton H38455181. Anyone have any experience with this model?

commented on Citizen Tsuyosa Small Second

hard to argue; the dial looks fantastic

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Thoughts on WISE?

I've been staring at this piece for a while. Looks amazing in the renders, and seems like a great price ($620, down from $955). Love the 39mm size. Th...

How/why watches wear differently than their dimensions

Just using these two watches as context: So, we all know dimensions don't tell the full story on how a watch will ultimately wear on-wrist. For exampl...

Nodus Sector GMT on a blue Sailcloth

This watch is a real strap monster. The anthracite dial goes with almost anything. Today it's on a blue sailcloth. Totally changes the look. Which do...

Busting out the Nodus Sector GMT today

Such a cool watch. I've got fam coming in from LA, so I figured I'd wear this, since Nodus is based in LA. I really like the blue dial, but since I al...

My preferred Speedtimer (yeah, I have two....)

I bought this for around $350 6-10 months after I bought the panda at launch. I MUCH prefer this dial color scheme. Love the granular texture, the sha...

It's 50+ degrees in NYC today. Perfect day for the Speedtimer

Great solar watches from Seiko. I have it on a black racing strap. Love the look, hate the 24 hour subdial (wish it had a different function) and the...