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What鈥檚 Your Most Versatile Watch?

Here鈥檚 a quick shot of the explorer I took the other day! Got me thinking that this is my most versatile watch, and I鈥檒l usually wear it whenever I鈥檓...

Omega NTTD Seamaster 300M

Hey watch fam! Here鈥檚 a shot of the NTTD all lumed up! I love watch because it has vintage aesthetics that are combined very nicely with modern specs,...

Where to go from here?

Hey watch fam! I thought it would be fun to share the big watches of my collection and see what everyone would recommend for my next piece. I have a p...

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commented on Tudor QC 馃槼馃く

Just wondering, could it also be the way that the light hits the dial and which way a shadow is cast on the indices.

commented on Having a rich boss & silly fantasy鈥檚 馃

C is just too good to pass up馃槄

commented on Need to lose 2 pieces!

I鈥檇 consider what gets the least wrist time and go from there. You have three dress style watches, so maybe letting one of those go? Then you鈥檇 have two divers, two chronos, two dress. Or maybe letting one omega go, since that鈥檚 the only brand you have two of. Beautiful collection btw!

commented on Police Watch?

Two great choices! I also think you might like Marathon watches, many law enforcement and military people wear those in the US.

commented on SOTC June 2024

What an amazing collection! The Aqua Terra is stunning. So many cool do it all pieces in your collection.

commented on Got the call! For real this time!

Huge congrats! Looks amazing!

commented on Is Sinn 556 a good choice?

I think the 556 would be a great choice! The Pro Pilot is also a really nice watch though, the titanium case/bracelet and exhibition case back are cool features. At the end of the day, I鈥檇 choose the design you like the most!

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Photos of the Omega Speedmaster

Just posting some shots of the Speedy that I recently did for Zealande straps. I really like this combo and wear it often鈥攔eally makes the watch pop!

Yema Rallygraph Alpine Endurance Team

Hey everyone! I wanted to show off this new Yema Rallygraph that I recently took some photos of. While I tend to prefer dive watches, I鈥檝e always like...

Favorite Set of Watch Hands?

I鈥檓 curious to know what your favorite set of watch hands is? The BB58 is probably my favorite watch, and while many aren鈥檛 fans of the snowflake hand...

The Royal Seikoak! Check out this new watch!

Hey everyone! I wanted to show off this Royal Seikoak mod that I鈥檝e had the pleasure of doing launch photos for. I really have enjoyed my time with th...

The one and only moonwatch!

It鈥檚 #lumeshotfriday, so here鈥檚 a quick shot I took of the speedy, which I鈥檝e really been enjoying on this 007 nato. Do you guys own/want to own a spe...

What鈥檚 your favorite dive watch in your collection?

Happy #bluewatchmonday, everyone! Today I鈥檓 wearing my blue BB58, which happens to be my favorite dive watch. This one checks off a lot of boxes for m...