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The Black Friday Bargain

My impulsive nature around a good bargain often causes me to lose sight of the larger goal (got to have a Tudor at some point). What can I say? I'm a...
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Internaut commented on Not really “half links”on a GS bracelet ·

I can’t stress enough the value of micro adjustment for me.  I have a winter wrist, a summer wrist and a hottest day of all time wrist.  On my Christopher Ward bracelet this has proved invaluable.  If I buy a Seiko watch, it could either be on a strap or at least because someone like Strapcode makes an alternate bracelet. 

Internaut commented on Dresswatch as a daily watch? ·

I reckon jeans, t-shirt and a Cartier Tank are a very nice combination.  

Internaut commented on Longines from the Far East ·

Presumably the Dniel Wellington will be fifty pence? 

Internaut commented on Do you own a Beater watch? ·

Since my idea of a beater is my PRX, I clicked the Manicure option...  I might eventually get a Casioak.  

Internaut commented on What’s everyone’s opinion on power reserve indicators? ·

On an automatic watch, I don’t particularly care either way.  On a manual wind watch, I think perhaps a power indicator might help prevent a user from overwinding? 

Internaut commented on How important is lume? ·

I smile every time I see the lume (inc. fully lumed bezel) on my Christopher Ward Trident Pro 600.

Internaut commented on Late 1970s Qingdao Watch Factory Jinmao (Golden Anchor) brand ·

Tsingtao is actually an incorrect spelling these days.  It is named (and pronounced) per its city of origin.  The maker quite sensibly decided not to correct the spelling because Tsingtao is such an internationally recognised brand.  Nice beer.  Sold at a premium in the west; dirt cheap in China.

Nice watch.  One of the big problems with Chinese watches at the moment is finding original designs that are simply, proudly Chinese. So many of the watches on Ali Express are pretending to be something else. 

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We need to talk about China

I think this is a reminder that China is close to where Japan was in the early 70s. That in-between period of transitioning from copying stuff to bein...
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