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Budget watch suggestions

Anyone have any suggestions on what to add to my collection. Ideally something under 150 dollars

Need watch suggests

Hi, crunchers I am enjoying my cheap casio (That's what the Japanese are calling them). But I notice how the silver dial is not really as versatile as...

Open Spot. What’s next?

I’ve been thinking lately that this open spot should get filled. I’m pretty casual and in my normal week I end up wearing my Citizen, Seiko, and G-Sho...

Keep it or Not ?

Fibre watch , in this color combination . How does it look and what occasion can it go for . The color is bright blue than this . Suggestion guys

Best Swiss GADA watch for $1000

Hey WC fam, I am on the look out for a GADA (inclined more towards sportier models) for a $1000. However, I wouldn’t want to go for a Seiko or a Citiz...

Suggestions On Colorful Watches Please!

Hello from Tampa, Florida, USA Crunchers! Okay, I need some suggestions: If you are familiar with my collection, you know that I do not have any watch...

SOTC 2024 And Suggestions

Hi all! New to watchcrunch and relatively new to this watch collecting addiction. I've recently gotten to the point where I'm running low on slots in...

I need suggestions for an attainable Bauhaus watch

I would like an automatic, fully numeraled, white dial Bauhaus watch with a central seconds hand, preferably 38mm or smaller, for under $500. Basicall...

Calling all suggestions for a brown dial watch!!

I want a decent brown dial watch! Show me what you got! Thanks

Any feedback on this watch?

Have been really fascinated by the designs and colors of Farer watches. Trying to zero down on one - this red one has really caught my attention. But...