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Image Search Rabbit Hole

I have been looking for a yellow dial diver, and discovered Bing and Google direct visual searches are somewhat addictive. Rather than search with tex...

Feels Like Spring

Curious if anyone else changes watches with changes in seasons? It is finally warming up enough here in NorCal to start wearing shorts. Which means it...

Timex Waterbury - Coin Edge Chrono

I decided to only buy quartz watches this year, and keep the count to just six (one every other month). Like many of you I really enjoy the hunt, but...

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commented on Homage or not homage?

If it makes you happy that's all that really matters. You can probably be certain that nobody will ever shake their finger at you and chant "fake watch fake watch".

commented on Heaviest watch you own and wear

Breitling Colt. Build like a tank, and weighs almost as much.

commented on DHL office where time stops

Their battery budget must have been cut, along with their ceiling tile maintenance.

commented on How do you transport your watches?

I travel with mine in individual cases. Much less bulky, easier to pack in your carry on, and one watch per case. That's a Zenith El Primero Rainbow Flyback.



commented on Beautiful ride in Central Park

I used to have a Brompton, and a Moulton. Both superbly engineered British designs.

commented on Other accessories?

Occasionally this. It has an inscription on the inside from my wife.

commented on 馃晵 Crafted with Care: A Personal Horological Journey 馃晵

DM me too please. Thanks

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Microbrands in London?

I will be in London in a few weeks and am looking for suggestions for watch shops selling microbrands. I plan to visit the Baltic store on Margaret St...

Citizen Store Quota

I just counted, and realized I bought 12 watches last year. 4 of them shown here are from the Citizen AD store near me. I think I have met my quota at...

First G-Shock - Solar/Radio

My first G-Shock > GW-M5610U-1CJF. To be honest I didn't care much for the most popular version with the red line and gold lettering, but when I sa...

Strapcode - Alpinist

I ordered a Strapcode oyster bracelet from Marc at Long Island for my Alpinist to replace the brown leather band. I could not be more impressed with t...

Finally a strap that "clicks"

The other day I commented on Chris Bradshaw's post related to how hard sometimes it is to "click" with a watch in your collection. This blue dial Seik...

Classic Brown

When I think of "classic" dress watches I usually imagine them with black leather straps. I have a box of straps that has grown over the years. Yester...