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Ibrahim100 ·

Rolex Explorer 1 (I124270 ) dilemma and advice required

Hey Folks, I have been on the hunt for the new Rolex Explorer 1 (I124270 ) for some months and have registered my interest with ADs. Probably watched...
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Which one would you choose?

I got offered the Tudor Black Bay Harrods (the left one for those who don’t know) for a very competitive price. The blue BB58 is already mine. But I can only keep one for financial reasons. I could: -...
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Bootneck ·

A rock and a hard place

so I usually buy a watch linked to a memory or achievement. I look at the watches I own and am reminded of that moment or person or achievement that is linked to that watch. I very recently had one of...
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mofupanda ·

help me get my girlfriend her first automatic watch

Hello guys . i need help of all of you watch enthusiasts out there to get a gift for my girlfriend (18f) in a budget. I am deep into watches but she i...
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DancingWatch ·

Are watches made for the domestic market in Japan superior to those made for other countries?

After looking around online at various Seiko and Citizen watches, a common post a long the lines of "If you buy one, try and get a "JDM" (Guessing it...
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DancingWatch ·

What do you do to keep yourself disciplined when it comes to our watch hobby?

I had a very honest hard look at myself today, I was online looking at more watches and I almost pulled the trigger on one until a little voice said i...
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arcticren ·

Best Entry Into Grand Seiko?

Hey guys, I've been recently looking at Grand Seiko, and visited their boutique in SoHo. I was really amazed by the sweep that the spring drive moveme...
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Good Evening fellow watch enthusiasts. Thoughts?

I've been eyeing this Q Timex GMT with this specific batman bezel, what are your thoughts on them I found one for 260 USD and was contemplating it, An...
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CMAC_25 ·

Tips on determining the way watches wear

Hello Crunchers, In the short time since I have been introduced to the world of watches, I have read and watched many videos that say something along...
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TheCianinator ·

Soliciting Buying Advice: Affordable Mechanical Chronograph

Anybody know any good mechanical chronos under $500? I originally wanted a Lorier Gemini in the reverse panda colorway, but I missed out on that one a...
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