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When is too many watches an addiction?

Hello fellow Crunchers EDIT: I miscounted. It turns out I bought 8 watches including 1 I purchased today and not 6 as I originally posted. I couldn't...

Suitable for a NATO?

Just bought this watch from a seller in Moldova. I really want to put a nice Select-Heure NATO strap on it, but I’m a little concerned that it will lo...

How to build a relationship with an Authorized Dealer?

I am fairly new to the watch world and got a serious question: For a lot of watches you need a good relationship with an AD to be even considered as a...

My Itsy Bitsy Wrist Has a Huge Crush on this Watch

Photo from the Christopher Ward website By now we've all heard of Christopher Ward and I am embarrassed to say, I've only looked closely a few months...

Help with buying my next watch.

Hey WC my birthday is soon and I've got a budget of around $300-$500. I am debating whether to get a dress watch, a diver or a chronograph. My collect...

Need Suggestions

Hello everyone! I'm looking to readjust my collection, and am looking for some suggestions I currently have a Tissot PRX, black Casioak, and a Blue BB...

New Quartz Diver

Looking for a new quartz diver to replace my broken Casio Duro. Current to of the list is the Momentum Sea Quartz 30 any other suggestions?

How On Earth Does a Tourbillon Watch Work?

Hey Crunchers! Hope all is well on whichever corner of the world you are in. Now, I have known about these Tourbillon watches for a while but I never...

Which mechanical chronograph movements have a reputation for robustness and reliability?(Bonus points if you know of any "affordable/bang-for-buck" ones)

Hello everyone, Like many people in this community I am on the more affordable end of this hobby(no shame in that! 🙂 ) . Unless anything major happen...

"...but I don't want to get it scratched!" (Advice needed)

So I just got this beautiful Nodus Sector Sport and I find myself feeling hesitant to wear it. This piece is my most expensive watch I own (to date)....