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Tejfel01 ·

Questions about the Seiko SRPJ09K1

Hi all! I am looking to buy a Seiko watch and the SRPJ09K1 really caught my attention. I tried doing a bit of research on the watch, but I couldn't fi...
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syc143 ·

Travelling with a vintage watch

I have a vintage Omega Seamaster Cosmic from the mid/late 1960s. I absolutely adore it and was thinking of taking it on a trip with me later this mont...
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dennisbible ·

What advice would you give to a new collector?

What advice would you give a new collector or yourself when you were starting out? I would say have a plan. Don't just buy cheaper watches because you...
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watchstoryist ·

Opinions Wanted - Ciga Z Series

watch friends. i’m interested in getting the Ciga Design Z Series. in the past, it appears the price differential between steel and titanium was negli...
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thewatchzealot ·

Watch Photographers!

watch photographers always tell me that you have to develop your own "unique style." What is that? And do you have one? Can you share? Let's see those...
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partha25 ·

How I got my first Rolex in first AD visit

It was the last week of March and eventually the local AD in my area asked on Instagram about my interest if I should be contacted by the sales team....
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HeadToThomezWatches ·

Disappointed GS Fan

Hi everyone. Just posting to see if anyone else has had a similar experience to mine or advice to give. Pictured above is the watch that I have been w...
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erochelle ·

Watch repairers/makers help

OK, first off, I'm poorer than poor, so I try to do as much to things myself as I can. That said, I have an older model Invicta (I know, but stay with...
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morganthedruid ·

I've got a question about firing shotguns while wearing a wristwatch.

We don't get to fire guns much here in the UK and I need some advice. On Saturday I am going to my future Son-In-Law's stag party, it starts in the la...
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Vincent_Diesel ·

Brown dials, what are fun strap color options.

Adding my first brown dial watch to my collection. I favor straps over bracelets, but need help with strap color options (other than plain black and b...
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