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Best spring bars UK??

Can anyone recommend decent spring bars in the UK? Also what thickness do fellow crunchers recommend? I'm aware that certain thicknesses will not be c...
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Help!! Squeaky bracelet tips??

First purchase of 2023. Arrived today. Love the piece, but the bracelet is very squeaky and a little rattly. I can live with it being a little rattly,...
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Opinions please??

It's always said, buy on the bracelet and add straps as and when. I've always stuck to this in the past, especially due to resale value if I ever decide to sell the piece later. I'm drawn to this piec...
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Gray1972 commented on Best spring bars UK??

Only I (and other watch nerds) could turn a relatively simple acquisition, into a complex mission, with no end in sight..........馃檲馃ぃ

Gray1972 commented on Best spring bars UK??

Thanks buddy. I appreciate that.

I have used Cousins before for my Bergeon tweezers.

I'm going to pop into see my AD tomorrow for a coffee, so I may see if they have any spares.

Thanks again!

Gray1972 commented on Do you wear a watch at home?

Always wearing one. Will quite often change watch during the day and do some strap changes 馃挭馃ぃ

Gray1972 commented on Submariner date vs. submariner

Submariner all day long for me! It's the original and it's iconic! Super clean symmetry. It is personal preference though.

Gray1972 commented on This is madness!

Ahh, I identify with your madness! We are a strange lot, that's for sure 馃

Gray1972 commented on This is madness!

I own the Bergeon myself. I'm still terrible at putting bracelets back on with them. I'm OK at taking them off, but putting them back on is still a nightmare! 馃ぃ

I still get my AD to put them back on, even though I have the tweezers 馃檲.

I may see if he will teach me next time I'm in there 馃ぃ.

Gray1972 commented on The Seamaster Poll

Yeah, they're still in limited supply here from the AD's.

You can buy directly from Omega at RRP. Yeah, I'd go grey market if you can get it cheaper. As long as it's a reputable dealer.

I may go for it myself once I've seen it in the flesh. But I will also look for the beat deal.

Good luck finding your way out of the Seamaster rabbit hole 馃ぃ

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Next watch??

After much consideration, I've decided that I'm going to pull the trigger on a CW piece in the next few weeks. I had decided on the Sandhurst Series 2 in the steel. Various reasons for my decision, on...
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A do it all for approximately 拢1000

Hi fellow crunchers! So, I'm looking for a new piece. My collection is as follows: Tissot PRX Powermatic 80, Oris Aquis Date 43mm, Omega Speedmaster S...
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Help!!!! Best field watch for around 拢1000???

I'm obsessing over a new, affordable field watch. Ideally, an automatic with at least 100m of water resistance. I'm lost in the world of field watches...
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Has anyone had any experience with GS Spring Drive? I need to pull the trigger 馃
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I have the watch bug!!

Hi everyone. Just arrived on this crazy site. I've got a serious obsession going on with the GS White Birch Spring Drive. I have a varied collection,...
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