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POBEDA ZiM 2602 15 jewels

Legendary Soviet brand trademark POBEDA. Based on a French design, the Pobeda’s simple, 15-jewel movement was cost-effective, reliable, and easy to ma...

Sparkly Vintage Pobeda Cal.ZIM 2602

Inspired by a post from @petra.petra , I bought a vintage Pobeda with the same case and movement (ZIM 2602). I can't quite nail the lighting for a goo...

I must be out of my mind.

I just paid 30 bucks to a guy in Moldova for an old Soviet (Zim) watch bracelet. I am seriously nuts.......... But I'm sure he is happy. I love this p...
My $13 Ukraine Ebay.
A few days ago I stated that I'd wear a watch for 7 days.. Can't do it. 🤔🙄 On my left wrist is a Raketa Copernicus. On my right wrist is... another...
Need to get it home and sized. Zim Olympic watch 1980. Fresh from Uzbekistan. I love the weird retro future esthetic of these things.
1980 Zim Olympic Watch. Also an alarm clock I picked up today as an early birthday present! (February 10th) Perhaps somebody who can read Cyrillic can...
This Zim just came in, what do you think? I like how the blue & gold mix with the strap.

Wow, in two days. (adventures of a broke watch collector)

Last year I made a new years resolution to buy no new watches in 2023. I bought eight. This year I promised it again. I made it two days. Hey at least...
Nothing like a bit of artistic licence with the lighting. 👌