Wow, in two days. (adventures of a broke watch collector)

Last year I made a new years resolution to buy no new watches in 2023. I bought eight.

This year I promised it again. I made it two days. Hey at least it was really cheap. I'm going to set myself a $100 a month max goal. This cost less than half. I don't have any other vices, except perhaps coffee. I can make this work if I stick to Soviet. Hell I'd have payed that much for the bracelet. A weird Soviet number that's impossible to find.

Thinking of sticking to just soviet Olympic watches. That should keep me busy for a couple of years. Its the watching it crawl through the mail from Ukraine that drives me mad.


The last time I tried to reduce my collection was about a year ago. I managed through superhuman efforts to bring it from 16 watches down to 30.

Com'on....The anticipation is half the fun. That crawl is the second best part!