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Can ‘Women’s Watches’ Have Case-Size Diameters Sized Like ‘Men’s’?

I’ve read recently some women are tired of ‘tiny’ watches and want watches with larger case-size diameters…38mm-42mm (or larger). Curious how the community sees this, especially those who identify wit...

Similar watches?

My wife pointed this ad out to me as a watch she could actually imagine wearing. I think it’s more the rose/peach gold color and the teal (or deep con...

Need some advice

My wife is graduating later this year and her new career enables her to use a watch more frequently. Here is a picture of the watches she currently us...

From PRX to Cartier Santos Galbee 187901

Hello everyone, two days ago I walked through the city with my wife. We went into an AD of multiple brands with the intention to try on a Tissot PRX 3...

Hooked on Longines....

Well, 24 hours into having my Longines Blue lady, I'm hooked. This watch as I wear it some how melted into my skin and became apart of me. Having smal...

Advice for buying a present 🎁

Hello Community, Hopefully, you can help me out. I am lost and would appreciate your insight 😅 I want to buy a present for my GF who is not a watch pe...

Are there any microbrands entirely focussed on Ladies' Watches?

We're running another Ladies event this evening in London and I'm just preparing for it and realised I couldn't recall a microbrand watch that is spec...

Introduction of Me

Hello, I'm a newer watch enthusiast and find myself here to learn about watches I'm interested in owning after having many watches gifted to me that n...

This Certina "ladies" watch is kind of badass 😳

It's titanium and has a bracelet that looks like it's from a huge Citizen pilot's watch. Dial is pretty boring though and don't think it matches the r...

Best watches for tiny wrists? (13cm)

My love for watches sparked when my mom gifted me her old watch from the 80s. She didn't like it anymore because this 28mm Rolex OP is "too small" for...