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Comparing my latest Boutique experiences

Disclaimer. There will be criticism of Rolex here. More specifically about the experience in sales. These are my personal subjective experiences and f...

The Comeback of the Sinn 903 Navitimer in 2024...(at Watches and Wonders?)

This year the time has finally come. The Sinn 903 is coming back. Sinn stopped production over 2 years ago. They wanted to revise the model. Especiall...

Did you ever regret buying a high polished lux. watch?

To make clear, I don't mean entry level watches like Casio Duro. But spending big amounts on a watch with a high polished case. Watches that looks hypnotic beautiful that thay you bought, but milky af...
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commented on Let do a moonphase today!

One of the best affordable calendar watches. I love those FC Business Timers and Tripple Calendars.

commented on What is your favorite looking watch dial from your collection? Mine is the 30th anniversary limited edition Seiko SPLO55P1. It's 40mm, I love the details. How about you?
commented on I love Cartier

I'm sure Cartier loves you too.

commented on SOC March 2024

Thank you. That feels so much better now 馃憣

commented on Raymond Weil Millesime

RW makes great watches in relation to their prices. As I know this certain model even won the price for the best "entry level" watches at the GPHG.

Anyway...I feel always triggered to show affordable alternatives.

The german brand Sternglas has the quite popular model Sedius for 279 Euro.

It has a MechaQuartz movement.

commented on SOC March 2024

For gods sake... please turn the bezel of the Borealis on the right position and publish a picture as a proof.

I can't eat, drink, sleap.

commented on 鈥楽omerset鈥 by Tennet

Looks good.

But I can't find any information.

While searching I got only result from the Hamilton used at the Tenet -Movie.馃槉

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Finding Ben (Happy Weekend)

Let's start the happy weekend with a difficult puzzle. After a fellow mistook me and my avatar picture with Ben from Ben's Watch Club, I though it would be fun to see how many of us could recoqnize th...
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Three blingblings of different price points

Let's be honest: In long term I might end up with all three of them. And yes, my selection is a nightmare for all those who love toolwatches. I have enough boring black/silver watches in my box and ne...
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Your wishes and hopes on 2024 of the Industry?

First of all a happy new year to everyone. You might be even like me have high expectations on the watch industry for the upcomming year. Whether it i...

SOTC aka New Kids in the Box

Dear Santa I was bad boy. My collection grew faster than expected. But sometimes...you just have to say: "YES! I want!". It was quite good mix of very...

Tissot first Boutique in Frankfurt Germany.

Finally, Tissot opens it's very first boutique in Germany. This was like a missing link for those watch enthusiasts who were looking on for affordable...