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French diver at Dijon

Starting to feel the heat of summer!

Titanium vs Steel?

I've been wondering, what's everyone's thoughts on titanium? I'm not a fan of heavy watches (learned that the hard way), so now that I've got a titani...

Elegant/dress GMT?

Hey everyone! I'm searching for a dress alternative to the gmt. Accepting suggestions! Anything under 2k could do.

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commented on Microbrands You Should Know...from A to Z

As someone who collects exclusively french microbrands, this is a GEM of a recommendation, thank you!! If you like a moonphase check out Mu:n for a french take.

commented on French diver at Dijon

We're discovering with baby on the way 馃檶, didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised

commented on Afternoon tea

Such a nice variety

commented on Titanium vs Steel?

Yup! That's what i meant, i like a 'all scratched up' watch for a weekend look, but that's just personal

commented on New Seiko Presage Cocktail GMT?

Disagree, love this new one 馃槏

commented on Explorer II or GMT Master II?

New explorer 2 looks oversized. Gmt master at least retains some elegance

commented on Have Seiko Lost Their Audience To Micro Indi

Used to be a Seiko enthusiast and now I'm a microbrand exclusively enthusiast. Gives me even more enjoyment out of supporting small(er) businesses

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NWA Baltic Titanium

In my search for a perfect three watch collection, I've decided to go for the Baltic Titanium in blue for my weekend watch. It has those proportions o...

How to complete my 3 watch collection?

I've had my Serica 4512 now as (mainly) the only watch on my wrist for the last 2 years. I have 2 options on how to complete a trio of microbrands with my other 2 fav brands: Baltic and Lorier. Which...
121 votes

35mm with 20mm strap dress watch

Hey everyone! I really like the Calatrava 570's proportions, and I'm looking for something preferably around $1000 for a same feeling dress watch. Any...

Smallest watch with 100m WR and sapphire crystal under 1k

Hey everyone! I'm trying to find a watch for my wife. She likes super small watches and i just want to get her something she can wear everyday without...

GMT with diver bezels under $1500

Hi everyone! My collecting is mainly driven by the principle of the trio: dress, everyday, weekend. If i rotate, it would be on the type of watch for...

Serica's new model!

What do you guys think of their new version of their field watch? Full reveal will be in a week. It will replace the 4512, which has been my only watc...