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Watch with a story

I went on a bus tour around Western Europe back in 2007. My wife and I were young and firmly believe that experiences are more important than things (...

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commented on Stealthy Everyday Watch? ·

Any of these would be stealthy on a strap. I think bracelets catch people’s eye more than the actual watch. I have the CW - that would be my recommendation.

commented on (Help) Automatic water resistant watch ·

Check out Vaer. They have good water resistant field watches.

commented on Bund versus Bracelet ·

Bracelet for me. Especially with the T-fit bracelet.

commented on Ranger 🛡️ ·

On my wish list. I wish there were other dial color options.

commented on Help!!! I reaaalllyyy want a new field watch ·
commented on Christopher Ward's trident ·

I like it. It’s unique. I also have no problem with the logo and love my Sealander

commented on The 5 That Stayed ("Core 5") ·

Love that white dial OP

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Third party on the fly microadjustment?

Does anyone know of any non-OEM bracelets with on the fly microadjustment?