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NWA! Vintage Pobeda ZIM Sputnik

As someone who appreciates storytelling and history behind products, I tend to gravitate towards vintage watches a bit. This here is a Pobeda ZIM “Spu...
Just came in in the mail today! Can’t wait to get it home and polish the crystal a little more. 1980 Poljot Olympic. The face catches the light, I wou...
1980 Poljot Olympic watch today. My new watches are on the way from Ukraine (one just hit New York!) and I felt like wearing something Soviet today. I...
Before and after. Nasty old USSR case, NOS dial, Japanese movement with the rotor removed for fit. Misc hands from AliExpress. I'm loving it.

I bought another one.

Bought a Slava. I don't know why I'm such a sucker for Soviet esthetics. Despite probably being made in the 80s its a super 70s design. Chunky and Bru...

Repair or no?

I picked up this 1970s Poljot from a Ukrainian seller a while back. He doesn’t know much about it, specifically, he sells flea market watches. It’s pr...

I am such a chump.

Just bought this online for my Olympic watch collection. I made it 90 days this time. My focus is 1980 Olympic games watches. Wish I could have visite...

Pobeda, movement ZiM 2602, Ø36mm

Playing with straps. The POBEDA mechanical wristwatch, adorned with the legendary Soviet brand trademark, boasts a simple yet reliable 15-jewel moveme...

Yay! 🚀

Been trying to get this badge for a while. I’m a big fan of Soviet watches and Raketa. Now for Poljot, Shturmanskije, Vario, Baltic, and Forits! #gene...