Watches and Golfers

List of Golfers watch Collabs A recent video on Hodinkee mentioned a Swatch x Sergio Garcia piece from back in the day, and I just had to Google it. B...
I like golf and Tiger Woods so I had to have thisโ€ฆ

The FedEx Cup Champion and Audemars Piguet

Years ago, before I got deep into this fun little hobby of ours, I wondered what that giant โ€œAPโ€ on PGA tour playersโ€™ clothes was. What was that? What...
Citizen Titanium Golf

For the golfers in the house

This is a wrist worn time-telling Golf Course specific GPS device. So while itโ€™s not technically a watch, it does walk like a duck and quack. I post i...
Citizen Titanium Golf - I'm still in the honeymoon phase. Its not better than some of my favorites in my collection, but it's so light, and comfortabl...