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Greatgaspiwrist ·

Who doesn't love panda dials?

I saw this watch many times on my Dad's wrist, so I took on the task of looking for one for myself and here it has been with me for 5 years.
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oakenlander ·

Zenith Chronomaster Original Evil Panda

This one is becoming hard to ignore. I had a chance to see the tricolor variant at the AD recently and it's really nice. Zenith got me into the watch...
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DarthN1cZ ·

Changing the Time between 9pm - 3am

Good day everyone, just want to ask if it’s safe to adjust the time between 9pm-3am, i kept reading that changing the date will damage the watch. My w...
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dialontrial ·

Seiko 7A38-6000 🐼

The 9th watch in my collection and the first Quartz watch as well 😁 This beauty is from 1984 and still has its original bracelet. The first trip I too...
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DarthN1cZ ·

My First Seiko Watch! SSC813P1

Finally bought this precious piece, Seiko Prospex Solar SSC813P1 Saw this at my local watch store around March 2022, been eyeing on it for a long time...
5 58 ·

Zenith Panda

El Primero! 😎 lets see those chronographs!
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HamiltonJuan ·

Hamilton's New Vintage Designs

Here's Hamilton doing that thing they do so well. Bringing back from their archives new and improved models of their popular designs from yesteryear....
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catfancy ·

Cat fancys next purchase? I feel like this is the edgy younger step sister to the Speed master. I Would appreciate the community's thoughts on if t...
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🪜 🕰 ClassiC

Daytona killer?
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bevelwerks ·

Two-Register Tuesday!

No Speedy but still stomping on the gas with my Hammy. 🏎💨 Who else rocking a chrono today?
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