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The Cartier Crash Homage

My Cartier Crash homage (unbranded) is probably one of my favorite homage watches - Simple, elegant and mesmerizing - still gets the nods and praises...

My Latest Modified CasiOak

Just modified and came up with this stunning CasiOak - what do you guys think?

The Hottest G-Shock Model Right Now

Had to get this! One of the most sought after Gshock models from newer collection - Not easy to find directly through Casio USA but thankfully a local...

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GodTierHere commented on My Latest Modified CasiOak

its a metallic maroon..kind of magenta

GodTierHere commented on The best blue?

This one for now in my collection

GodTierHere commented on Cartier Santos - Medium or Large

definitely not large...Cartier looks best when its smaller than what you would otherwise wear if it was any other watch

GodTierHere commented on Death and watches... Happy holidays!

This is such a profound post - and resonates well with my own post that I had written few days ago about how watches (or any objects for that matter) stop being mere objects because of memories attached with them and lot of time non-watch people may look at us as 'hoarders' they dont understand that its not the object that we are interested in but what it signifies

Here is my late father's daily watch - a simple Skagen that is more important to me than all my other watches because of his memories - I just changed the strap because the original was broken so I kept the used one safely but I also wanted to ensure I keep this watch in a working condition so I can wear it every now and then

GodTierHere commented on The Hottest G-Shock Model Right Now


GodTierHere commented on GodTierHere's WRUW

Thanks - and yes i live in NY but my tailor is Dubai based as thats where i used to live so he comes every now and then to NY with new suits since he has other clientele in NY too

GodTierHere commented on GodTierHere's WRUW

Thanks - Its a tailored suit.. All the suits and blazers are tailored

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I Wouldn't Spend on RM BUT ....

I Wouldn't spend 100000+ on a plastic and rubber watch - Period. But I would gladly spend few bucks on Megir and enjoy the look and feel of an RM )))...

The Watch for My Holy Pilgrimage Journey

As some of you asked why am I not posting lately, I was traveling to the holiest cities of Makkah ( Mecca as yankees say) and Madinah for Umrah - the...

Casioak in white

love this

When Dials Speak

Here is one of my vintage Soviet watch - hand-winding - and the seconds hand at 6 is a delight to watch when it starts moving after manually winding t...

Hey, No One's Paying You for Loyalty!!

As a watch enthusiast I remember until some time back I would scoff at the idea of Custom Mods (e.g. making a Casio look like AP) or buying complicate...

Who Travels with You?

Starting to pack for a long journey & wanted to see what watches do you travel with? So far these 2 are in and perhaps the 3rd one would be my SKX...