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santiago ·

Fun Watch Friday - rebel scum edition

Happy Friday crunchers. We're rolling into the weekend with this great little piece from Nixon. It the brand's Time Teller Deluxe x Star Wars in its B...
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PeterKotsa ·

Whats your thoughts on watches that cannot accept strap changes?

There are certain watches that only allow for nato style straps to be used (eg like the Tudor Pelages FXD) Would you still buy a watch like this or fi...
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KyleC93 ·

Help me understand NATO straps

Vast swaths of the watch collecting community love NATO straps....and I want to love them. But, every time I put one on a watch--whether it was my Ori...
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nikson ·

NATO Strap color choices for a Seiko King Turtle SRPH59?

Hey all, I want to put my Seiko King Turtle on a NATO strap, but currently I only have this Bond NATO. I was wondering, do you guys have any suggestio...
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WatchDOG2112 ·

Blue Orient Kamasu + Khaki NATO

I have a few NATOs for this Orient- but love this look the best.
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WatchDOG2112 ·

Timex Expedition Chrono

I like wearing this one for its simplicity - and the look of that NATO! Don’t see too many Timex’s on here.
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CTReese ·

ZULUDIVER summer colors

Just picked these up from ZULUDIVER for fun summer colors. From left to right: HydraRib Icarus on the Seiko SPB239 62MAS, Vintage Tropical FKM on the...
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watchbrothers ·

Bracelet or Nato strap?🤔

Summer is coming! Do you prefer to wear a bracelet or a comfortable and light nato strap?🤔 Let us know in the comments!👇
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harrisc852 ·

Haveston single pass nato

Haveston single pass natos are some of the best I have ever tried. The single pass mechanism allows the watch to sit low, and the strap length is perf...
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Mail call!

Todays mail call. got to give props to DHL. The package got lost, and after contacting customer support. They were super helpful, and managed to get i...
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