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NATO straps.......

I really don't like NATO straps. So here's 32 reasons below, why I don't; So there you go, 32 compelling, irrefutable reasons why I really don't like...

Too many straps

Everytime I buy a watch I immediately look into after market straps. And so I've got a box full 99% of the time I revert back to the original, because...
Day 7 of NATO Strap Week: Since today is the last day and it has been raining all day, I opted for a sky-blue NATO strap to brighten my day.😎 My Fren...

Anyone else bored on a Thursday evening? Let’s put a 22mm Nato on an 18mm Casio 650

I wanted to try the Casio on a Nato strap but I had a couple of problems. First, I didn’t have any goofy 18mm Natos and second, I think an 18mm strap...

What is your favorite and go to strap type?

Which is the most comfortable and also versatile to use watch strap that you probably own and use for pretty much any of your watches?
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Railmaster gets a Nato!

Not sure how I feel about this yet, I have never been a nato fan. Let’s hope it grows on me!
Mix and match the nato strap
Day 6 of Nato Strap Week: some people would call it a Canadian 🇨🇦 strap hanging around the streets of NYC. #tgif #baltic #aquascaphe #titanium #diver
Seiko Prospex Diver SPB143 62MAS 200M Automatic SBDC101