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CNS Straps “Comfytrooper”

just wanted to say a huge rave for these CNS straps “Comfytrooper“ variant of their normal paratrooper straps. it honestly has to be the softest, most...
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mer1981 ·

Microadjust your NATO

Who doesn't know that problem. You put a Nato on your watch, wrist up and .... wearing it with Hole Nr. 3 is a bit too lose, but with Hole Nr. 2 it's...
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OscarKlosoff ·

White Stripes in NATO Straps

I was looking at a certain merch store and I noticed that a lot of the striped NATO bands had prominent white stripes. In fact I have one such items f...
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JackySZN ·

Been a while...

So haven't posted or even looked on here in months mainly cuz life has just been crazy lately having just moved into mu first home! But through it all...
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64spoons ·

Went on sale the day it was delivered 😡

Nothing special here. Found it on Bulova’s website. Liked the look. No bells and whistles. Just a nice watch. Also, came with a NATO that I actually l...
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Childers ·

New strap for the SSC817

Trying some Nato style straps for one of my EDC watches. Let me know what you think. #seiko #ssc817
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Jaypiddy ·

2004 Seiko Field / Military Automatic

Getting back into some watch photography again. My trusty Seiko with a new gray ribbed NATO strap.
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wizard903 ·

Request: Pictures of Seiko SPB147 guilt dial [62MAS] [63MAS] on the SPB239’s dark-brown Seichu NATO strap

Does anybody have a picture of the Seichu on the SPB147? I prefer the dial and hands of the SPB147 but love the dark-brown NATO included with the SPB2...
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robwei ·

Which Bond strap is best Bond strap?

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ManCaveLeather ·

Tapered NATO / RAF strap

About a year ago I posted a first prototype of tapered slip through leather strap. Today I finally have a final version. There will be both straight a...
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