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6.50” / 16.51 cm Wrist
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Aquatico Watches (Tritium)

I was looking at Tritium watches on-line, when I came across this brand, that I hadn't seen before. I really love the design and its Tritium lume is e...

Which Rolex next??

What do I go for next. Which watch should join my Explorer 36mm and Yacht Master 37mm as the next Rolex in my watch box? It has to be the right watch, rather than just a financial decision. All commen...
72 votes ·

CW Moonphase

Well, this is a let down. I’m normally a fan of CW design but this is a bit meh. It’s just too feminine for the case size. A smaller case with this di...

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fmtz99 commented on Nice to meet this new community! ·

That’s a smashing collection for anyone, let alone a 20 yo.

fmtz99 commented on Date Change when? ·

It’s fine. It’s just to do with the hand stack positioning. A watch repairer can easily re-sit them an hour earlier if you prefer.

fmtz99 commented on Quick Daniel Craig interview about watches ·

He now looks like a dodgy English teacher.

fmtz99 commented on Tried to buy the Smiths Everest grrrr! ·

Eddie runs it like that as he can only ship 200 parcels a month and he can’t hold customer’s funds for more than a month. It’s nothing personal, but he’s limited by capacity. Yes, he’s also a stroppy Yorkshireman, but the watches are worth it. You just need to get your credit card details into the system. I believe that any purchase on a Shopify site will save your credit card data, to speed up future purchases. I have an Everest Expedition and a Monopusher. Both great watches. I didn’t but any more as I’m now looking to invest in more expensive watches, but you won’t regret buying a Smiths.

fmtz99 commented on Which Rolex next?? ·

Good point.

A SotC post needs to be done!!

fmtz99 commented on Which Rolex next?? ·

Please do suggest some others.

fmtz99 commented on Which Rolex next?? ·

All good points! These would be AD purchases (I don’t buy grey market). I have a 16.5 cm / 6.25” wrist. I may put the Sub on a NATO (Bond obviously 😉)

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Did you hear about the hoax mechanical watch fair?

It was a wind up.

Christopher Ward Moon Phase

Christopher Ward to release a(nother) Moon phase watch. My prediction is that it will be on the Twelve, using the C1’s JJ04 movement, or an adjusted d...

Mum’s 70th

I’m looking at a watch for Mum’s 70 birthday. All ideas welcome. One concern is that ladies’ bracelets seem to have no micro-adjust or half-links. Doe...

Called it!!

Sorry for gloating but it was fun to get this one right. Original post:

Christopher Ward, the Twelve

Is CW releasing a gold ‘the Twelve’?

Harry Potter Watches

I’ve wanted to put this together for ages but it definitely needs your help and input. As electricity doesn’t work in Hogwarts(or around magic) each c...