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Watch modding digital style

I know Max did a recent video about watch modding and building with a DIY kit. Very cool. But, howabout modding and building with digital watches?.. c...
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I'm gonna put some sandpaper to it 馃槻

I'm really considering putting some fake age on this by taking some fine sandpaper to all of the outer edges 馃 Just a touch? Anybody done anything sim...
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My Newest Custom Vostok-Based Watch

Just got this beauty assembled. 2609A hand-wound movement, transparent caseback with sapphire crystal, 110 chrome-plated steel case, clean bezel, ligh...
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Everyone meet Frank nh35 not GS and not BB58

Latest creation with the dial I like and the hands I love in a sapphire Explorer kind of case topped off with a cop nato
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First custom Seiko mod with custom chapter ring

This is my first attempt at a custom Seiko mod, the chapter ring is silver set with diamonds. The idea came from seeing the moon surface dial and want...
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Seiko mod

Finally had some time to work on this
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Skeleton makeover

I installed tritium tubes on the hands and took off the second hand. I put lume paint dots for hour markers and ground off the crown guards. Watch was...
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Seiko NH35a dials (33mm)

Hi everyone, I am looking for some dial options to accompany my nh35a movement i removed from a mediorce chinese homage watch. I need a 33mm diameter...
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New Bezel on Mako II

Dipping my toe into modding...this made not jumping all the way in that much harder馃槏
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Where to buy Vostok bezel that can take on Seiko insert like SKX

Hi everyone, I currently have a Vostok 420059 and I've heard that there are bezels that can use the seiko insert. Do you guys know where to find a pla...
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